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June 24, 2013

What's a Single To Do?

My pastor once gave a sermon on marriage, and honestly the only thing that stuck with me that Sunday was when he explained that "marriage will reenact something" (Darrin Patrick). Ah-ha! This is something I can examine even now as a single. In sifting through all this information and keeping in mind that marriage reenacts, I've personally found that investing in my possible-future marriage really comes down to just five things... and the best part of these five is that even if I never do get married, none of it goes wasted... it's a win-win blueprint whether married or single.

June 17, 2013

The Living God

Rather than adding injury pain, Jesus weaves theology into their dialogue. He puts his finger on her heart: The craving of male attention, affection, and love to satisfy the longing of her soul. This has been her idol; this is what she worships instead of the Living God. It’s not that the longing is necessarily wrong, but how she’s sought to satisfy that inner “thirst” as it were. And oh, how desperately thirsty she is, and Jesus knows it.

May 16, 2013

Four Practical Helps in Practicing Sabbath

At the risk of sounding like a Hallmark greeting card, many of us are so rushed that we fail to notice the hints of beauty all around us. We don’t stop to enjoy the field of sunflowers in front of us or the crimson-purple sky at sunset. We’re often too busy to stop and talk with a neighbor or take time to just breathe deeply. Each day, God brings beauty into our lives. But when we’re focused on accomplishing more instead of enjoying that which we're doing and who we're "doing life" with, we miss out on those daily beauty reminders, and our lives will be lacking a richness which is ours for the taking.

April 11, 2013

Sabbath is the Norm, Not an Indulgence

C.S. Lewis had this analogy he once shared about how we live life here on earth in the shadowlands. We live in the reality of things yet to be... pilgrims wondering through the shadows, our hearts and souls aching to find greater resting place... heaven. The shadowlands were never meant for us to take up residency in. We were not created this place, and deep in our hearts a restlessness whispers it to us.
Today I'm over at Darling Companion talking about delighting in Sabbath and the gift of rest. Come on over to read the rest! (Click Here)

December 14, 2012

Advent: Fulfillment of the First, Expectancy of the Final

Ever since Adam and Eve had bitten the fruit and the fall, the fracturing of all things and inhabitants of earth occurred, all of creation was waiting. Waiting for a Savior. A Redeemer. The Incarnate Christ, God in human flesh. Creation groaned for this Messiah. For thousands of years they groaned for this King who would come through the bloodline of David. And God wooed. He wooed through the words of the prophets who whispered of this coming King. He wooed through the words of John the Baptist, "Prepare the way... He is coming!"

November 29, 2012

Shifting the Modesty Dialogues

What is it about modesty discussions that drive me crazy so much? I find hardly any encouragement when they come up. I dislike them. Really I do. They're all so cliche to me. Phrases that get tossed around such as "Modest is Hottest!" No, "modest is hottest" is just someone trying to make money off of selling T-shirts. And the "hottest" it's ever been in all of Creation was before the fall, when clothes weren't in existence. (Note: I'm not advocating we run around nude, that's just supportive evidence to the sentence... just wanted to clarify that.)

October 30, 2012

In All Seasons

We all have those times of barrenness, planting, swelling (slow, continual growth), and gleaning. The important thing though is to remain close to Christ... to trust in His timing and His role as THE vinedresser of our hearts and souls, for in all, and through all He is faithful to accomplish His work in you and I. "Barrenness," as the prince of preachers, Charles H. Spurgeon said, "is the platform for his fruit-creating power." It's not permanent, but a platform to lead to greater things.

October 18, 2012

Letter to the Teen Girl

I wish I could encourage, pray, sip coffee, and talk life with you face to face at the local coffee shop. Since we can't do any of that at the moment though, here's what I'd want to encourage you with and hope you'd take to heart...

September 12, 2012

Delight, Drink, & Feast Upon His Love

Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. -Psalm 37:4 ESV
Many of us know that verse too well. It's slapped on coffee mugs, journals, and t-shirts sold to the masses… the christian women masses I mean... For the whole of my life I had mainly heard this verse presented in one of two ways: We're Christians, so God will just give us what we want, or God will give us certain desires and bring them to fruition... The first I have a hard time swallowing. The second... I actually think this verse is meant to go even deeper than that.

August 16, 2012

Pursuit at it's Zenith

You have said, "Seek my face" My heart says to you, "Your face, Lord, do I seek." -Psalm 27:8
Today I'm over at Darling Companion talking about Christ's pursuing love of each of His daughter.