The Girl Behind The Blog

Hi! I'm Natalie, and welcome to my blog!

I'm a twenty-something student/teacher. Come Christmas this year I'll have finished my degree in Elementary education, which I blog about over at The Educator's Companion. When I first decided to go into teaching at the age of 13, I wanted to take it out onto the mission field in some far-off third world country. (I also had phases where I wanted to be a ballerina, doctor, and wedding planner, but you know how those childhood aspiration go sometimes). However, the Lord has taught me clearly since then that public, private, home, or dirt floors, He's at work in each and every classroom.

My faith and relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important treasure of mine. An addict of the message of the gospel and its wondrous grace is what I desire to sink my roots into. It's a process and a journey, with both highs and lows. I firmly believe that in the brokenness and messes, He fashions something beautiful--you and I are His living poems, formed in His likeness. Our lives get to be breathing testimonies for others to encounter this unconditional love, with mercy overflowing.

I started blogging in 2007, and naturally it's morphed a great deal over the years. Originally the blog was called Scribbles n'Things, which was quite appropriate for those high school days. Now I primarily blog about my my faith and what Christ is stirring in my heart, hence the new title, or rather chapter: Heart Stirrings.
Still want to know more? Well, I love words. Reading books, writing, journals, letters--these I take great pleasure in. If I have any say, snail mail and libraries will not pass into the recesses of our lives. I'm an ISFJ (if you're into that Meyers-Briggs/psychology/personality stuff). Copious cups of coffee and tea are a must. I prescribe to the belief that when God made coffee, He said it was good. Exceptionally Good. So I take mine with extra cream, no sugar, and my tea with an added spoonful of honey. I say the word 'quite' frequently, which drives my professors insane, because this is not England. (Obviously, they're blind to my admiration for all things British. Escpecially the accents.) I enjoy baking, cooking, the occasional craft or DIY project, and marathons of Psych or BBC.

A handful of my favorite things: Colorado and the East Coast, Chipotle burritos, nail polish in shades of berries, autumn, Christmas, Isaiah 54, coddling my inner history nerd, and a great pair of jeans.

You can catch me over at Darling Companion where I contribute as well.

I like to think of this blog as my online living room. So I'm inviting you in. Grab yourself a cup of joe, tea... whatever floats your boat. Let's sit down and chat, or as some like to call it "doing life together."

I'd love to hear from you, so let's get connected! E-mail me at or catch me over at these spots...