The Girl Behind The Blog

I'm Natalie, a college student finishing up my degree in elementary education. When I first decided to go into teaching at the age of 13, I wanted to teach on the mission field in some far-off third world country. (I also had a phase where I wanted to be a ballerina, doctor, and wedding planner, but those are different stories for a another day). However, the Lord has shown me clearly since then that public, private, home, or dirt floors, He's at work in every one of them.

I'm an ISFJ (in case you're into that Meyers-Briggs/psychology/personality stuff). Books, journals, and copious cups of coffee and tea are my constant companions. I prescribe to the belief that when God made coffee, He said it was good. Exceptionally Good. So I take mine with extra cream, no sugar, and my tea with an added spoonful of honey. I like to dabble in the kitchen making scrumptious food, crafting, and to unwind I'll plop down to watch BBC, Psych, the Food Network, and yes, as boring as it may sound, documentaries on history and healthy living.

A few of my favorite things? Chipotle burritos, nail polish, that fits-perfectly pair of jeans with boots, long conversations, Colorado and the East Coast (it's God's little joke that I happen to be in the Midwest currently), coddling my inner history nerd, Christmas, Isaiah 54, and did I mention coffee yet?

All that aside though, I desire to grow in my love for Christ... to become an gospel-grace addict. I have a proclivity to share about whatever season I'm currently walking or wrestling through with the Lord, be it wonderful or ugly. Either way I aspire my life to be a genuine, living testimony of His mercy and love.

Originally the blog was known as Scribbles n'Things when I first started in 2007. Naturally, it's morphed a great deal since then. I mainly blog about my faith and what Christ is stirring in my heart, hence the new title, or rather chapter of my blogging journey: Heart Stirrings. I also share my everyday life and throw in a recipe or DIY from time-to-time.

You can catch me over at Darling Companion where I contribute as well.

I like to think of this blog as my online living room. So I'm inviting you in. Grab yourself a cup of joe, tea, rootbeer... whatever floats your boat. Let's sit down and chat, or as some like to call it "doing life together."

I'd Love to Hear from You! So Let's Get Connected!

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