January 11, 2015

2015 || January

Hard to imagine that this month is almost at the halfway point and I'm only now sitting down to reflect and create goals. Some of these are already in the works so I don't feel like a failure right off the bat for 2015. Right? If you missed my previous post, I talked about my desire to be more intentional in about 5-7 different facets of my life this year and gave a brief vision for each of them. Each month though, I want to sit and jot down a handful of goals--actionable steps--that work towards those visions. Here we go January!

|| Career
  • Focus on applying to at least three positions per week
  • Substitute work
  • Pray
  • Organize teaching/ed materials 
  • Launch teaching blog

|| Spiritual

|| Blogging
  • Get back on track with a blogging schedule
  • Prioritize a specific time to write
  • Skype chat with another fellow blogger friend
  • Catch up on on reading and commenting on blogs I follow

|| Stewardship

|| Wellness...
  • Come up with new workout regiment  
  • Drink more water
Your turn! What are some of your goals this month you're working towards?


    1. I love these resolutions and goals :)


    2. Oh gosh, these are great!! Very focused and intentional! I really like how you broke them down in different facets! I am more interested to hear about how you set up and organize your prayer journal. Are you using a specific study to go through Isaiah or is it your own personal study?

      1. Blog post to come on the prayer journal for sure since you now asked ;) No specific study for Isaiah--but will be using other specific studies later in the year.


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