January 10, 2015

2015 || Be Intentional

I've never been a fan of New Years. With each new year a new crop of posts on resolutions and goals pop up on my feeds. I tend to steer away from the ranks on this one and pass by the new year blog post opportunity. Making resolutions, goals... haven't been my thing (which is ironic given my inclination to planning). I don't like New Years because all to often it feels like a weighty reminder of everything I didn't do well in the previous year and what I need to be doing better.

Translation: New Years = "You weren't awesome. Be awesome this year. Or else."
And it's always screaming those words in that depressing tone my inner voice can conjure up.

But I've also felt this need for some serious focus with 2015 because it's a year of many new fresh starts. A fresh start to my career. A fresh start to differing relationships in my life. A much needed fresh start to different aspects of my life like finances, health, and more.

Some people pick words or phrases--themes--they want to focus on for a year--something I've never really done... until now. For months now, I've been thinking about and praying what 2015 is to be about:

Being intentional. Trusting God. I want to be more intentional with the days I've been given. And I want to trust the One who holds everything in His hands--and orchestrates it all for His glory and my ultimate good.

However that theme for this season gets fleshed out in reality--I'm not entirely sure, but I am excited to see it come to fruition. This is a learning process. Learning what being intentional looks like that is an overflow from trusting the One who authors my life and days.

To begin, this is the first year in many, in which I'm going to set goals (actionable steps) that will hopefully lend themselves to this anthem. I've picked six facets of my life to hit the refresh button on for 2015--six facets to be more intentional about.


Career // In case you didn't hear the news--I finished my undergrad degree a handful of weeks ago and am sporting a diploma now. It's exciting and scary all at the same time. And so weird that I'm not a college student anymore. Time to put my foot to the peddle with a job now.

How does that look intentionally?
  • Work. Bam.
  • Praying I can get work. 
  • Organize all the materials I've accumulated in the past few years
  • Professional Development

Spiritual // Obviously I want to be stretched in my faith. I don't know quite what that's going to look like yet, but each year I just pray that God would grow and birth in me what He knows I need.

How does that look intentionally?
  • Study 4 books of the Bible in-depth
  • Continue to teach the kiddos at Sunday school
  • Start community/Bible study group
  • Having those honest "heart-to-heart" faith conversations
  • Seeking wisdom through prayer, study, and community
  • Seriously dwell on this question: What kind of believer am I? For those are the disciples I will mold and make, which in turn forms the church we're building together.

Blogging // I let it slip this past fall--partially because of time constraints, but mainly because I've struggled to find words to string together into sentences and paragraphs. I've been thinking about the direction I want this little space here of mine to move towards, and I'm still in the process of figuring all of that out currently. I do know that I want what I write here to be more thoughtful though. I don't want to post something just for the sake of posting--which translates into less, but better, deeper, richer content. I'll also be thinking about different or newer ways for me to participate in the blogging community this year that I haven't before. (Got ideas? I'd be glad to hear them!)

How does that look intentionally?
  • Consistent blogging schedule that I can stick to 
  • Immersing myself in the things which stimulate me to write in the first place
  • Reach out to other blog friends in different ways 
  • Thinking twice before hitting the 'publish' button

Reading // This year I want my reading diet to be more diverse. I want to focus more on slowly digesting books, rather than consuming them. Normally I end up reading anywhere around 30-40 in a given year, but last summer I noticed that it was becoming more difficult to stick to books or even get into them. I think a part of that was focusing too much on reading as many books as I could, instead of just enjoying them.

How does that look intentionally?

Stewardship // Having now graduated it's time to re-evaluate everything I do in terms of finances. It's not a fun thing to do (being a non-math-lover personally), but necessary.

How does that look intentionally?
  • Begin paying off my student loans--and as much as possible
  • Developing a budget that will work
  • Work towards buying my own car

Physical // It's about taking care of myself and stewarding my health in a God-honoring way, so that I can in turn be at my best for the work God has given me to do. Plain and simple.

How does that look intentionally?
  • Routinely working out
  • Establish morning and evening weekday routines/rituals (Read: Getting back on track with my sleep schedule and figuring out what I need to daily do to set myself up for the day and end it well)
  • Eat more salads 
  • Establishing a sabbath rhythm 

Many leaders and studies have found that when we put something in writing, we become more committed to it, so I'll be tracking my progress here on the blog in hopes that it helps me to stick to this race. I learn best through writing and through visuals, so I've also created a pin board that serves as a place of inspiration, reminders, and resources for this year.


  1. Congratulations on finishing! Now you get to enter the "real" world - or whatever that means haha. I'll be praying you find an awesome job and are able to keep up with these intentional goals.

    I checked out your reading list because I wanted to redo my reading goal too. Instead of plowing through dozens of books in a year I'm only reading 12 (1 per month). I have the first 6 but I might borrow a few off your list for the second half of the year.

    Keep up the awesome stuff :)

    1. Any and all prayers would be appreciated as you know! Looking forward to seeing your book stack too--and if you read any of the same titles, let me know how you liked them.

  2. I am so excited for what 2015 will look like for you, Natalie! These are awesome goals with great intentionality/purpose. And as transparent as it may seem to post goals on the blog for so many eyes to see, I felt like it helped keep me accountable (as well as helped to be encouraged by blogger friends!). I am getting a slow start to my own goal planning this year, but your posts on goal planning are a great inspiration to continue my own!
    And congrats on graduating!!!! So exciting!!

    1. Thanks dear! I hope it'll be more motivating to keep these types of posts up throughout the year as I go.


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