September 16, 2014

The God of Identity

From Natalie: I've been a long time reader of my friend Gennean's blog, Loved, not Lost. She has a heart of gold evidenced in her wisdom, love for Christ, and her spirit of encouragement towards others. Recently, Gennean's been involved with the Unveiled Campaign too--which I'd encourage any of you ladies to go check out. She keeps things simple and beautiful, so I hope you enjoy having her here this week! 


Over the last few years I have learned that one of my personal and deepest passions is for people to understand and find their worth and identity in the Lord.  It makes sense that I would care so deeply about this, considering it's something I struggled with quite a bit throughout my high school and college years (and continue to grow in). It wasn't until recently, though, that I realized there is so much more to this identity thing than I thought.  In the last few weeks, I have found myself immersed in the Word, spending countless hours in books and sermons focused on identity, so here are a few, albeit broad, things I have learned along the way.

We, as a flawed people, have the unnerving tendency to rely on ourselves, rather than the Lord (uh, hello Israel).  Because of that, we allow what we think about ourselves--including the things that we hear and see and let others influence us to believe--to shape our identity and thus overpower who God has already told us that we are:

Chosen.  Loved.  Redeemed.  Free.  Worth it.

Identity all begins with this: if we would just believe that God really is who He says He is, and that we really are who he says we are, we would see and experience so much more on this side of eternity.  We would more fully live out His calling on our lives; we would have full confidence and assurance in who we are and what we were made for; we would see miracles and get to be a part of those miracles; we would play a larger role in crazy Kingdom expansion because we would be relying no longer on ourselves, but on Him in us and the Holy Spirit's power through us.  It is all an issue with misplaced identity.

And the thing is, if we really let the reality of who He says we are to infiltrate every part of our being, we would do what God has laid out for us to do.  We would manifest Jesus.  Fear would not stop us.  Doubt would not cause us to question.  We would walk into new places with supernatural confidence, boldness, and strength by His power and His Spirit. Y'all, this--all of this--it's real.  And it is available.

So how can we "get there?"

1. Believe what the Word says
2. Study Jesus
3. Know we are His
4. Live like Him

If only we just did that.  Sadly, we limit ourselves, and in doing so, we limit God.  He has given us the Holy Spirit that we would step out and do things in His strength so that only He could get the credit and glory, much like Jesus did, because we have access to the same Spirit that Jesus had.  We can do the things that Jesus did.  Don't believe me?
"Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." John 14:12
If we only saw ourselves with "unveiled face" (2 Corinthians 3:18), believing all that the Father has said we are and made us to be... man, I really do believe that the Kingdom would be ignited and spread like wildfire upon the earth, and we would not only see it but be a part of it.  It all begins with rooting our identities in Him.  Believing Him.  Studying His Son, and living like Him.  And I am in the same boat as many of you: hungry, ready for more, and just starting to see these glimpses of His glory.

You, my friend, are born for the Kingdom to flow through you; born to be absolutely overwhelmed with God, in such a way that there's no turning back.  Only pursuit.  Only moving forward.  There is no need to be frightened by intimacy with the Father.  Seek Him, know Him, believe Him.  There you will find your identity--who you are, what you love, what you born for--in Him alone.  Root yourself in who He already has said that you are, and live out His calling on your life by His power and strength.

This is a good life, friends, and He is so worth it all.


  1. SO good! And so very important to remember. It is far too easy to get distracted by careers, relationships, possessions, and power, finding our identity in these things and then crashing down when that identity fails us. I learned a lot from Driscoll's "Who Do You Think You Are" a few years ago and really liked this beautiful post by Geannean that had so many great points.
    This paragraph gives me goosebumps, its so good:

    "And the thing is, if we really let the reality of who He says we are to infiltrate every part of our being, we would do what God has laid out for us to do. We would manifest Jesus. Fear would not stop us. Doubt would not cause us to question. We would walk into new places with supernatural confidence, boldness, and strength by His power and His Spirit."

    1. Elle, thank you! Love your words of encouragement and truth.


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