September 30, 2014

The God of Adventure

From Natalie: Two words immediately pop into my mind when I think about my friend David: he is a dreamer, and he is always going to be way more optimistic about new ventures. (I sincerely mean that in the nicest way!) For people like me, dreamers have a great many lessons to teach and impart. I greatly respect him and whenever he lends his voice to weigh in. I hope his words here this week, encourage and embolden you, the reader. Be sure to visit his site Builder, Chaser, Dreamer and his new book as well!


Ad·ven·ture: an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity. 

Nothing about my life has really gone the way I planned.

My health
I could keep going. 

There’s been hiccups, detours, and failures. But there have also been major wins, surprise happy endings, and few ok-that-wasn’t-so-bad moments. 

This is what life with the God of Adventure looks like. It looks like life, lived day by day in faith. It feels like normalcy drizzled with grace and cluelessness dipped in his guidance. 

I used to crave adventure and I still do. I have just learned that the definition needs a little housecleaning. 

To be an adventurous Christian you do not have to become a missionary or lead a huge church or sell all your stuff and hold up crazy signs. Please don’t ever do that last one! To be an adventurous Christian means to live life with an adventurous God. 

So many things in my life have gone so differently than I planned because my priority was Him, not that thing whatever it was. 

My education was about 3 hours from where I planned, the relationships I thought were going to blossom into more fizzled out and the job thing – well He is still working with me on that one. 

God wants to have an adventure with you. That’s why he made you. That’s why he made any of us, to share in this life and creation with him. 

How do you start your adventure? 

Be Willing to Lose 
People always want to focus on the positives of adventure like gaining new experiences and learning new things. But every adventure in the Bible begins with loss. Abraham loss his old life. Mary lost her reputation. Jesus gave up everything.

If you’re serious about starting a new chapter of adventure with God be willing to lose. This isn’t to deter you, but it’s a reality check. I have spent just as many nights angry at God as I have thankful for the paths he has chosen for me. 

Adventure is hard. Make sure you’re ready. 

Accept Confusion as a Badge of Honor 
It’s funny how much clarity we demand when beginning something new. If you are about to buy a new book think about the steps you go through first: 
  • learn about the author 
  • read the reviews 
  • check the table of contents 
  • skim the forward

We want to know everything the book is going to say before we bother reading it. There’s nothing inherently wrong about that, but adventure doesn’t work that way. 

Most of the time you’re not going to know when the adventure has officially started and you’re certainly not going to see the finish line. There won’t be any road signs or magical tools to help you overcome the undefined enemy. 

For a long time it will just be you and God and your Bible. You’ll wonder if you’re crazy. Maybe I heard him wrong, maybe this isn’t for me, maybe… 

I don’t know what God might call you to do. The one thing I do know is that if it’s from God, expect some confusion to be involved. 

Be Ready to Win
“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t”

I love this quote and I believe it applies to brave Christians. Christians who are willing to embark on an adventure with God, who are willing to endure the loss and the confusion; they are the ones who experience what He wants to do on a whole other level! 

The only reason adventure is even an option for Christians is because God’s love is relentless. It’s banging on every door and climbing in through every window to show mankind that He is serious about redemption. 

And that is what Christian adventure is all about – becoming part of the redeeming force upon the earth. The God of Adventure will not rest. Best of all, the God of Adventure will not lose.


  1. Thank you again for this opportunity Natalie! God is serious about adventure and he wants his children to be as well.

    If you're reading this, I'd love to hear about whatever adventure you might be on right now, or are thinking about starting.

  2. This is awesome! The last two paragraphs sum it up so well. God is an adventurous God. I don't know if I had thought of Him that way but it is so true. And what amazing grace that we get to join in that adventure as we experience and become "part of the redeeming force upon the earth". The losing and confusion are not fun, but often stepping stones to experience the amazing adventures God has in store. So good to remember this!

  3. Thank you, David, and Natalie. What a wonderful piece. So good for my soul to be reminded of how, why, and how much I want to lose, be confused, learn, and win with Jesus.

  4. This was awesome! Thank you David!


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