August 5, 2014

Summer's End

If we're being honest, I'm not a summer lovin' kind of gal. Autumn and the Christmas season--those are my jams. There are many reasons why getting into summer is difficult: humidity and nearly unbearable heat, mosquitoes, the loss of all things cozy, and the welcoming of the summer wardrobe. I get really bitter at summer for taking away my go-to blue jeans+sweater+boots gig, along with all the delicious hot brews I enjoy. 

Three-fourths of the time I'm uncomfortable in these weeks of heat, and the only perk for being an educator is getting them *"off"* (which in reality (good) teachers don't; it's called curriculum planning--yes, it does take a ton of time, and no it's not a myth, but that's a different discussion).

But there is one thing that I love about summer, and that is the lull that descends in the late afternoon up until we tuck ourselves in our beds. Summer evenings are the most relaxing. You pick a book from the stack you've bought solely for the purpose of reading to beat the heat, sit on your front porch and unwind. There are BBQ dinners with sweet summer corn and root beer floats to be enjoyed all around with friends. Desserts loaded with fresh berries, that I make no apologies for scarfing down. 

Some nights we end the evenings with epic Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, or 7 Wonders competitions; this crew of mine, myself included... we're nerdy like that. Other nights go early into the morning with murder mystery marathons. Agatha Christie? Sherlock Holmes? Check, and check. Then there are the evenings spent outside the art museum, on its huge hill, playing cards, devouring picnic grub, and watching old movies. One of our city's summer traditions. Some things in life have that coming home feeling to them. Balmy, summer evenings spent this way are one of them.

I love how God ends it off with a symphony of humming tree frogs and buzzing cicadas; the cherry on top of one of His many desserts. It's all so restful and stress-free. Summer mimics heaven's rhythm and gives me sweetness even when I complain. 

And soon this will be over... in a matter of weeks. Autumn will slowly blow in, and I'll be ecstatic back in my pants, cider in hand, and surrounded by sweet kiddos for my student teaching. But I want to take advantage of these summer evenings while I can. I don't want them to go to waste; I want to suck all the energy and rest I can out of them (as well as all the homemade salsa, peach pound cake, and raspberry pie).


  1. Beautiful post, Natalie - and you know, I am not a summer kind of girl either for some of those reasons you mention. Who needs heat and humidity!? ;)

    1. I was made for rainy, foggy, London-like days--not these sweaty *fun in the sun* ones

  2. I just love the Kinfolk video you posted! It's just the simplest yet cutest video ever! :)

    1. It is a pretty cool video =) Kinfolk has a lot of great stuff!


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