August 26, 2014

Be Back Soon

I'm really trying to push my peddle to the metal for the month of September with my student teaching and portfolio, so over the next four weeks I'll be MIA here on the blog, but the blog will not be taking a hiatus. I've asked a handful of my blog friends to help me out, so starting next week, and every Tuesday for the upcoming month, one of them will be posting for the blog's upcoming series: "The God of ___________." All of these bloggers have become what I consider real friends now over the past couple of years as we've chatted over the phone, via snail mail, Skype, and more. If you're a long-time reader, you'll probably recognize them, since many of them have blogged here before. And I think they're going to really be an encouragement for you. 

I'll be back to posting come October, but until then, you're more than welcome to follow me along on Twitter. Sometimes people tell me I should post of my personal daily life, but my response is always, "Well... that's kind of what I use Twitter for." If that's what you're looking for, then join me there.


  1. Excited for this series and glad you'll have some respite time to prepare for the upcoming school year!

  2. I hope your time away is productive and refreshing! XO

    1. Hope so too! But it may just be a lot of work in reality =P

  3. Looking forward to your return, Natalie! In the meantime, enjoy your break. :)


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