July 3, 2014

The 'Me & My Ghetto Cell Phone' Rant

I jokingly tell people that my cell-phone is "ghetto, yo!" (Except I usually don't say 'yo' nor does anyone ever think I could pull off anything remotely ghetto-ish--GAH! Not even a word NATALIE.) Here's the photographic proof:

It's nowhere near a Smartphone. I can make calls, and I can receive calls (roughly half the time). I get so many unsolicited calls it's not even funny in the slightest. To be honest, I hate this phone… but I have a cell phone that has one fantastic thing about it: If you're out with me grabbing coffee, taking a hike, eating, or doing anything, you have all my attention. I'm all there, and I'm not easily distracted. This crappy phone I complain on and on about has made me value Elliot's mantra of "wherever you are, be all there"--meaning, be present, be aware, be listening, be attentive with what and who is before you in each moment.

We all have our pet peeves, don't we? One of mine is people who are constantly looking at their phone or texting during time spent with others. Maybe it's because I don't have text that I am blind to this wonderful world of emoticons and lol's (which apparently is un-hip now), but I don't believe texting has actually made us more mindful of one another relationally. It's given us the power to be quick to reply and to get a hold of someone with ease, but we've lost a great deal of face-to-face time.

And while I know it's frustrating for others at times because I cannot open your text you sent, be assured of this--if you call in person, or better yet, meet me at the local coffee shop, I will listen to all that you have on your mind. That's worth something. 


  1. Natalie, thanks for sharing the hidden blessing of your challenging phone. I stand convicted by your words and the video you included. Thus I will fall to my knees, asking Jesus to teach me how to love my husband, children and others in this digital age.

    1. Thank you for stopping by the blog Denise! Technology certainly brings up a lot of things to consider, and I myself, am trying to make more intentional decisions about it all.

  2. Oh, Natalie, I have to say this is the one thing you and my best friend do not have in common. She often looks at her phone. I've learned to look past it and trust she is still listening, but it distracts my own thoughts while we are talking. Justin and I keep our phones put away when we are together or with friends (unless commenting on the people behind us and then we text it quietly). :)

    1. I'm sure most of the time people are still listening, but it is distracting for sure.


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