July 31, 2014

June & July Favorites

This is right about the time where we're all now groaning for summer to be done and over with. Schools will be opening their doors again in a few short weeks, and fall can't get here quicker. At least for those of us who live in one of the humid, sweltering states. I was not made for summer. So let's pray for an early and exceedingly long autumn, and get on with some of my favorites from the last couple months...


My friend, Ashley, tweeted out about this new magazine Deeply Rooted recently, and I'm so glad I listened to her persuasion to order a copy recently. It's beautifully designed (no ads-yea!), has encouraging theology articles, recipes, and more! And singles, even though the subtitle and company brands towards wives and mothers, you'll still get a lot out of this publication; the marriage and motherhood articles only take up a smaller percent of the whole magazine. I'm really picky about that sort of thing, so I wouldn't recommend it if by in large, us single gals could glean much from it. 

She Reads Truth. A great online community of women who desire to be actively reading and studying God's word on a daily basis. They make some of the best Bible study packs I've ever gone through (and it helps that they're just beautifully designed).

Have you heard of The Giving Keys? They're this cool company that helps get homeless folks back on their feet by providing them with a steady job to build experience by creating jewelry out of old keys. The idea is that you pick a word that you desire to live more of in your life (e.g. strength, dream, hope, love, etc.), which they stamp into the key, then after you've worn it to the point where you feel like that word has become a part of your life, you pass on the key to someone else whom you think would be encouraged to live into that same message. Neat idea, right? I'm definitely going to pick out something from their shop soon! (Got 10-15 minutes to kill over your lunch break? Watch the TED Talk on the story behind the company and its founder here.)

To Read Over Your Morning Cup O' Joe: The God Who Shows Off Broken Seashells, Waiting, 5 Reasons Why Your Debate Isn't Helpful, 7 Mistakes We Make in Woman's Bible Study, and Are You Too Christian for Non-Christians.

Another intriguing TED Talk on why we all need to get out of the house and off our technology devices just to explore a little more.

Looking for a summer treat to beat this unforgiving, miserable heat? Get yourself some Talenti Gelato... and then try not to eat the whole pint in one sitting (speaking from experience). My favorite flavors for you to try are Sea Salt Caramel and Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip.

For Laughs: Heart of the Sea

And this album to blast with the windows down if your AC isn't cooperating with you (*because I haven't plugged this enough since it's release*)... just go right to track #7 Sweet Spot--put on repeat.


  1. Love this list! Going to look up Giving Keys and Deeply Rooted now...

  2. I looove this post. I agree with you! Living in Alabama, I'm ready for some autumn. This heat has been here quite long enough. :) Deeply Rooted looks like a beautiful magazine. I'm definitely interested and will check it out! Also love the giving keys idea!

    1. If you get either one, let me know if you like them =)


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