May 7, 2014

After The Heart

You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. ~Deuteronomy 6:5&6
Throughout the whole of scripture we see that God is not after merely right behavior (morals) or a following of rules from his sons and daughters. Far from it, for what God wants of his children are their hearts. He's after your heart and he's after mine.

Whenever God approaches someone or a group of people about their sin, He goes directly to what lies within their heart: the core of our being, where motivation resides. I always get frustrated whenever I hear other Christians "prescribing" behavior management to others, rather than getting to the root issue. Behavior management works for a little while, but it never brings about lasting change or transformation for the person. All we're really doing in those situations is sticking a band-aid on a staph infection, hoping that will cure them of their struggles. But this kind of treatment never actually diagnosis the real problem, and lets infection fester. In short: it doesn't work. And it's lacking in genuine love or concern for others.

Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was the first words that he spoke were to "love the Lord with all your heart..." (Luke 10:27). What does that look like? Why are our hearts primary to God? How do we live life out of heart transformations, the sanctification process, rather than legalism?

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  1. Again, Natalie, you've written a thought-provoking, wonderful. Love what you say about God looking to what's in our heart. Beautifully put.


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