February 7, 2014

When Singlehood is Hard

It's funny how when what you desire most, is seemingly what everyone else around you is experiencing in full-fledge abundance. It's almost as if you're walking around with a magnified glass glued to your eyeballs and all you see is what everyone else has… and what you don't. I've heard women who've struggled with infertility talk like this before; all they see is a sea of robust bellies harboring life, then they look down only to see their flat abdomens and the sinking feeling of want and longing enter: barrenness. Sometimes barrenness doesn't look like Hannah in scripture sobbing over her desire for a child. Sometimes barrenness looks like the young woman who works all day and goes home to empty rooms where she sits in front of Hulu eating Chinese takeout, then falls asleep alone
Today I'm hanging out at my friend Jen's virtual cafe (Yub Nub) talking about being single. (*I can already sense the excitement you gals* haha!) How about being a dear, and dropping by to read the rest on your tea or coffee break today? I know you want to...


  1. Thank you so much for this post. It was a much needed encouragement. God bless. :)

    1. Glad it was of some encouragement Kaleigh


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