February 27, 2014

Restless {Book Review}

I'm a little late in getting a hold of this book. And I'm way late in discovering Jennie Allen's ministry. For weeks, I've seen posts and review popping up raving about it on my dashboard. And I get it. This book is legitimately worth all the raving.

Normally I wouldn't pick this book up because I heard it was a lot about living a God-driven-dream-chasing-life, and amongst many of the things I'm not good at, dreaming ranks pretty high on the score card. Also, how many books can one person read on living a God glorifying purpose and plan? Don't they all just sound a little redundant after a while?

Yes. Except this one. (Or maybe I've been needing a wake-up call that was put so beautifully and in an in-your-face kind of way.)

I haven't hit my mid-twenties yet and already life has become so mundane. See I sorta bought into the idea that my twenties were going to be this time of adventure and care-free living, but I must've missed that boat when it set sail. Life happened, and I mistakenly put dreaming on a shelf, thinking that's what responsible, practical minded adults do. (Yes, it's true, I can sometime error too much on the side of practicality to a fault, and drag down others with me.) Perhaps more grievously, thinking that's what God would want me to do. I thought dreaming was selfish to do. But after reading Restless, I'm seeing how wrong I am.

Turns out, I need to start dreaming again, and let those very dreams fill my sail.

Young or old, if life has got you in a rut, or if in any shape or way it seems mundane and so routine, you need to pick up a copy of Allen's new book. Life is NOT mundane, and there is nothing boring or routine about our lives. God has set before us a race to run, a story to live out; each and every single person has their personal one, no two will ever be alike. My race, my story is my own to run and live out, and yours is your own too. We may come alongside each other, but God has set before each one of his children a different paths and different ways to glorify Him. Below is the first episode of the companion video study, if you need more encouragement to get a copy.

P.S. The designed note pages and question guides included... LOVE them! If you're a graphic design junkie you will too. It's  great book to mark in, take notes, journal, and process the information. Kudos to the designer!

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  1. Natalie, this book looks great as you've described it—I'm watching the first video session now.

    Would you recommend this book to someone who has actually forgotten how to dream, or at least feels that way?

    1. YES Jade! =) That's kinda where I am myself.

      They're starting a live online book club too here soon if you're interested: http://www.faithgateway.com/restless-live-book-club/

  2. Hi Natalie! What a great book review! And don't feel like you were the last to pick up on this author. I guess I am :)
    I was going to order a few books from Amazon anyway, I think I'll add this to the list. I'm going out of town in a few weeks, so I'll use this as my 'travel book.' Thank you!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I ordered the book. Can't wait to see it in the mail :)


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