February 10, 2014

Celebrating The Single Gal on Valentines Day

I walked into a Hallmark store the other day. They were sporting pink, red, and purple like it was nobody's business. Glittery hearts lined the aisles, peeking out on almost every single card I walked by. I'm single. I'll be single on Valentines Day. But regardless of relationship status, I happen to really love and enjoy this holiday. (Probably because it placates to my inner Martha Stewart, and secondly I still get to celebrate it with kiddos by recycling old shoe boxes and giving out mini cards to everyone. It's a perk that comes with teaching.) 

But I also easily understand why so many other single girls have a disdain for the today: You watch other women receive bouquets of flowers, or see couples heading out on their dinner dates... and let's admit it, we wish we were getting our favorite flowers and a night out on the town. We wish we were being celebrated in. We wish we were being showered with the special attention.

(I also don't believe that for those who do have boyfriends or spouses that February 14th is the only day of the year that you get, and rightly so, "spoiled.")

I'm a huge proponent for celebrating Valentines day as a soapbox to show those around you how much they're loved… friends, family, mentors, or whoever you "do" life with. And I'm praying they'll do the same for you, because regardless of relationship status, we all need to be reminded how much we're loved by one another, and ultimately by our Savior. Valentines day shouldn't stir feelings of being forgotten or unloved in our hearts. 

So from this fellow single girl to the next, just know that you are always loved by Christ. In scripture He describes His love as unfailing, meaning it never ends, runs out, or will fail you. That gives us great joy and should stir celebration and worship in our hearts... today... and every day.

And to those of you whom have that special someone for this week's celebration, I'd encourage you to find ways to celebrate the single girls in your life or in your church family. I'd love to actually hear any creative ideas you might have with that! I have two: The first is that each year I pick a handful of single gals, mostly friends of mine, to send valentines to via snail mail style. And then second, in years past when most of my friends were still single, I'd host a valentines craft/brunch/get together. My friend, Courtney does something similar with the young teens at her church, which you can read about here to get those creative ideas going.

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