January 23, 2014

Not a Lady-In-Waiting

You're not a lady-in-waiting. And by that I mean you're life is not on hold until you get married.

Singleness was never meant to feel like the doctor's office waiting room. Our lives don't start after the sparkly diamond band is sitting on our left hand and the 'I do' has been spoken. Our lives started way before that... way before college, way before high school... and yeah... you get the picture.

Part of the problem is we fixate on marriage as the holy grail of Christan living. We fail to recognize that singlehood is equally as much of a gift from God as marriage is. Maybe we know this in theory... we just fail to actually live as if it were true though. I think this holds true more so for us gals who find ourselves in the awkwardness of our surrounding friends, one-by-one, announcing their engagements. I never thought I'd be the one to write that singleness is a gift, but it turns out that those who speak the verdict to you and me are not lying.

Singleness is a gift because God is good.

I'm learning it's as simple as that: God is good, and only acts towards us with this goodness as we're His children. Guess what that means? If you're single today, God has proclaimed this as good. As the best for you and me today. And if you or I ever get married, God will proclaim that as good too, as that will be the best for us then.

So the real question: Do we trust that God has got our best interest at heart?

Because if we believe that He does, and if we believe He is good, then whatever He may 'gift' you and I with is best.

So single gals, yes, there's nothing wrong with desiring marriage, but you and I have been gifted with singleness for present moment. There may be day where we'll get married, but let's focus on the here and now. Let's ask ourselves "what are we going to do today?" Because if you're sitting around waiting on a man, I don't think that's time well spent. Nor do I think that it's God's intention for you or I either. I think He'd want us to get up and enjoy the life, the gift of today, He's given us. You know... like take it by the reins and chase some dreams down. And glorify Him in whatever you may do, because He calls everyone regardless of relationship status to do so.

If you're single, male or female, you should at some point check out Joy Eggrichs site, Love and Respect Now. It has some really helpful, as well as humorous, content surrounding singleness in our current state of Christian culture. She had this video series on being single, called *Cat Ladies that I got a lot out of, so here's part one for you:

(See Part 2 and Part 3 of The Video Series)

*Even if I do remain single for the rest of my life, I can promise you that I'll never have a cat. I believe cats are evil and bad luck, and that's not just because of my superstitious Irish ancestry.


  1. This is great, Natalie.There are so many awesome opportunities we have as single women that may be more difficult when we are married and/or mothers. Even though life is chaotic right now, it'll only get more chaotic in different seasons of life, so its so important to explore/travel, serve others, and spend time doing things I enjoy or learning new things (reading, blogging, photography, etc).
    Excited to read the rest of this series!
    P.S. on an unrelated note, how do you design the titles for your series? What app or program do you use? I want to get started on my Behind the Hymn series :)

    1. I design and edit all my photos/banners either in Photoshop, or these two free sites: Befunky (http://www.befunky.com/) or PicMonkey (http://www.picmonkey.com/).

      Can't wait to start reading your series soon! =)

  2. Girl you NEED to start loving cats asap. Haha. If you hung out with Courtney and I for one night you'd be hooked. :) Loved your outlook and your attitude about this topic. So many girls dwell on being single and then they don't know who they are when they get married so you are very wise my friend. God has an amazing man out there for you!!

    1. I think even if the two of you ganged up on me you'd be in sore luck ;D I'm TOTALLY settled in my cat conviction. Oddly enough, all my cat-owning friends are actually the married ones!

  3. I love all of this! And totally agree. Though it's hard at times, I am trying to fully enjoy my single life while I still can. I truly believe it is a blessing as well, and wish more girls would realize this.

  4. Haha your cat aversion made me laugh! This is where we part ways, friend. I have always enjoyed my cats. And the Mr. has a weird love for cats that far exceeds mine. Though I DO wish they didn't shed, that's my only aversion. I feel like I have to change my whole outfit after snuggling one, ha.

    So love these posts. I've linked to them for further reading on your part of the series at my blog (unless you would rather I didn't!), since I know they would be a valuable read. I was blessed with a few likeminded women at the time, but I wish I had a lady like you in my friendships, or my blog roll, in my single days. You're wise beyond your years, girl.

    1. I hadn't even thought about the shedding... you're only solidifying my cat conviction!

      You're welcome to link to whatever you wish here on the blog Jen as always =)

    2. Oops! Well, I guess if you found it in your heart to love one of those hairless cats...haha probably still not helping you there... :D

      That's wonderful about the linking, thank you. :) I will definitely do that.


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