January 1, 2014

In the New Year...

With each new year a new crop of posts on resolutions and goals pop up on my feeds. I tend to steer away from the ranks on this one and pass by the new year blog post opportunity. Resolutions, goals... even dreaming just haven't been my thing lately. If anything, the past four or five years of my life would serve to prove that God likes to frustrate and totally alter my plans. I came across a quote on a favored blog of mine last year that really resonated with me on how I approach the new year slate:
I don't make resolutions because I know I can't keep them. Instead I just ask God to birth and build in me what I cannot do myself. ~Lore at Sayable
I know myself well enough that it's best for me to leave the new year, and whatever it may hold in store for me, in His hands. As such, I feel this celebration would serve more purpose to reflect on the past year, then to plan the one we're welcoming through the door just now.

Whatever comes this year for you and for me, I believe that if we find ourselves a bit closer to the heart of Christ, then it will be a success; a worthy celebration indeed. That's why I haven't made plans or resolutions. I haven't picked a defining word or verse for the year. But I do desire what Spurgeon wrote to be more true for me this year then this past year, a fitting desire to have for every new year: That Jesus would become the crowning glory of my heart.

And on a somewhat different note, I'm excited to have you along here on the blog this year, and I hope you'll enjoy some of the cool stuff to come throughout the next 12 months we're together here in my virtual little 'living room'.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this Natalie!!! Happy New Year friend!

  2. genius.

    happy new year, natalie! may we walk this new road with confidence :)

  3. Love that quote, and your heart!

  4. I've kinda figured out that, like you, a whole list of resolutions for the New Year doesn't help me… I like the idea of making a single theme/desire for the year. So beautiful!

  5. I agree. I realize setting up strict goals for ourselves leads to disappointment and detracts from the true meaning of our lives. It's nice to dream instead, and to let Christ's light glow within us, guiding our actions day by day. :)

    Happy New Year, dear Natalie! :)

  6. Haha, I totally agree with God changing our plans, I can relate! Here's to growing closer to God in 2014!

  7. This is so good! Although I am making resolutions this year, I'm not holding myself strictly; they're more for my benefit and I'm praying that God will change me through them. Love that quote! Happy New Year, Natalie! I'm excited to be following your blog this year, too! :)


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