January 20, 2014

Deeper Still: Our Motiviation

We need to ask ourselves: What is my ultimate aim and object in occupying my mind with these things? What do I intend to do with my knowledge about God, once I have it? For the fact that we have to face is this: If we pursue theological knowledge for its own sake, it is bound to go bad on us. It will make us proud and conceited ~J.I. Packer
We don't study the Bible for merely more knowledge. After all, an overabundance of knowledge alone can puff up says Paul, "but love builds up".

The average layperson should have biblical knowledge and understanding, not just the pastors and the church staff, members too. To tell God's congregants anything different would be like telling the bride to marry the groom with no knowledge of who he is, what he thinks, or how he feels about her. 

Knowledge puffs in the presence of pride, but when sought out in love, then knowledge has the power to build. Paul was getting at our motive here: If we're using knowledge to feed our pride, then such knowledge will bear little fruit. But if the motive is to humbly seek knowledge in order to know the (Heavenly) Groom more, to love Him more, than it's a needed and necessary knowledge to obtain.

Remember that the Pharisees pursued scripture and theological correctness like no one else in Jesus day, and yet they did it all for the wrong reason. They were not doing it to love God more and help others to love Him more, but to "lord they're knowledge over others". To take pride in their intellectual accomplishments. And they turned God's wonderful, glorious words into a do and don't list for not just themselves but everyone else around them too. They hefted guilt upon one another's shoulders. 

The motivation behind our study is to gain a deeper love of Christ. His beauty, His heart, His thoughts, and His story.


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