December 8, 2013

Best of the Blog 2013

While I'm busy with the rest of my Christmas plans, here are the top 10 posts from this past year that you all enjoyed the most! So if you missed one, check it out and see what other bloggers favored and recommended to others...


  1. Beautiful posts you have dear friend. It is so obvious you truly put your heart into writing these:) Merry Christmas season friend!! xxoo Katie

  2. I loved 6 Ways to Minister to Your Single Friends. A couple of those I remember thinking exactly, word for word. Thank you for sharing these--a few of the others were already on my favorite's list, haha. :) I enjoy your writing so much, and appreciate the safety with which I can read, knowing the words are from a kindred sister who loves Jesus and knows the Word!

  3. love this-- i want to go read through them all now! XO

    the well-traveled wife ♥


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