November 7, 2013

Spurgeon and Writing in Honey

Morning and Evening will no doubt be one of my favorite books for this year. Beautifully written, encouraging, and convicting. A lot like honey: Sweet, but serving as an antiseptic for the Christian's heart. Spurgeon is quickly become the most influential dead man in my walk with the Lord. If I had it my way, I'd just hand everyone a copy, but for now, sharing a few of my favorite quotes will have to do... and this isn't even scratching the surface...
Jesus must have the crown of our heart's delight.
"I will be their God." Here is a deep sea of bliss, a shoreless ocean of delight; come, bathe your spirit in it... dive throughout eternity, and you shall find no bottom. "I will be their God." If this does not make your eyes sparkle, and your heart beat fast with bliss, then assuredly your soul is not in a healthy state... This is the masterpiece of all the promises... Dwell in the light of your Lord, and let your soul be always ravished with His love. Get out the marrow and fatness that this portion yields you.
Jesus Christ is Himself the sum and substance of the covenant, and as one of its gifts He is the property of every believer. 
The greatest amateur in perfumes is quite satisfied with a rose: And when the soul has arrived at her highest pitch of true taste, she will still be content with Christ; indeed, she shall be more able to appreciate Him.
If He loved me yesterday, He loves me today. My unmoving mansion of rest is my blessed Lord. Even when prospects are few and hopes are squashed and joy is waning, I have lost nothing of what I have in God. He is "my refuge" to which I continually return. I am a pilgrim in the world, but at home in my God. In the earth I wander, but in God I dwell in a quiet dwelling place. 
It is inconceivable that having carried me in His hand, as His precious jewel, He would let me now slip from between His fingers. 


  1. Hi Natalie! Its so wonderful to find an author who's writing just touches you so deeply. I guess Spurgeon has done that with you. Thank you for sharing these wonderful quotes from the book. Isn't it amazing how God gives his wisdom to all? And we all interpret it in different ways. That is amazing.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. :O
    sharing on facebook and writing it on my journal.

  3. It's always so good to find a fellow Spurgeon/Morning + Evening lover. May the Lord use his words to bring you ever nearer to Himself.

  4. Hi there - just came across this in a search for Spurgeon's Morning and Evening - what edition is the book in the picture? I like the white cover. : )

    1. It's this edition, but I took off the book jacket, which is what you're seeing in the picture:


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