October 28, 2013

Slowing The Pace

I hope you enjoyed the women of the Bible series this past month, and I'm sure some of you noticed how we really only scratched the surface, but that leaves the option to continue it at some point next year with a new batch of women to learn from. Every once in a while I like to do these brief posts that cue you in to my blogging schedule and plans, and here I am today to do just that. 

I've decided to slow down a bit. I'm not taking a full out blogging break, but the posting will be less from here on to the end of the year, even more so when the holidays roll around in a few weeks. Mainly because I need some substantial writing time for the new series I have lined up at the start of the new year. I know that tends to be one of the more favored aspects here on the blog, and because I did so little of it this year compared to previous years, I want to deliver on that for 2014. I'm also trying to find time to revamp the design, so if there are a couple of days where stuff is out of place around here, just know I'm sprucing some things up.

Also, I wanted to take a sec to mention that while I may not be blogging on my regular schedule, you're still more than welcome to follow me on Twitter or Pinterest, which I'm on daily. I'm hoping with this lesser load I'll get more time to come and explore and visit your blogs as well, since there's a handful of new "faces" here =)


  1. Saying a prayer for you, for this blogging-break, substantial-writing-time, new-series, revamping season. I so enjoy your writing and the direction you steer your blog; it's nice to have a place to come read where you know kindredness will had. :) You will be missed!

    1. Aww! So sweet Jen. But I might be roping you in for a future guest post now... ;D


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