October 2, 2013

God Never Used Perfect Women

Eve bit into the forbidden fruit that lead to the fracturing of all humanity and creation alike. She didn't trust God, but gave way to a serpent's lie. Sarah acted impatiently and manipulated her husband to sleep with her servant, Hagar, in order to earn a blessing of fruitfulness. She too lacked trust in God, His timing, His plan... and undeniable created great contentiousness in her house with those whom she shared it with. 

Hagar took her eyes off God and shut them closed in fear, thinking death would claim her son's life. Rebekah favored her Jacob over her other son, Esau, even to the point of aiding ol' Jake  in stealing an inheritance that wasn't rightfully his. Leah and Rachel had a baby-making competition of sorts (Genesis 29 and 30) between each other. Surely that fostered resentment and relational feuding. Ruth grew up in a culture with twisted sexual practices, found herself a widow, poor, and traveling to a land totally foreign to her. Her mother-in-law, Naomi just grew bitter in her circumstances. 

Esther broke Jewish laws and traditions right and left. Abigail had a foolish husband whose mess she had to clean up. The Samaritan woman had more husbands than she'd care to admit to, and equally just as many heart wounds. Martha was preoccupied with cleaning and preparing, and yes, though her sister Mary sat at Jesus' feet, and was commended for "choosing the better portion," when her brother Lazarus died, it was Martha who ran out to meet Christ first. In her grief Mary didn't come out to greet her Lord right that minute. 

Not a single one of these women were perfect. Many far from it! But God redeemed each one of them and their circumstances for great and beautiful purposes. Though they were broken, this did not make God waver from delighting in them or using them in His plans to further the kingdom and His glory.

This month I wanted to do a series on a handful of women from the Bible. True to form, I've invited some of my blog friends to guest post during this little study of sorts, which they've graciously agreed to. So I hope you'll stick around and join us with your morning coffee (or whenever you have a moments time)!


  1. This was lovely, and now I'm excited about these new posts! I was sad to find I hadn't properly linked your blog to my blog-roll, so I wasn't getting updates. When too much time had gone by, I knew something had to be wrong! I will be playing catch up now, in case you're wondering where all the bazillion comments are coming from. :)

    1. Thank you for them all Jen ;) I always love getting to hear from you!

  2. ooooh! i'm excited for this! :)

  3. Hi Natalie! What a great idea! As I read through your post, I was smiling to myself. What good news this is...that God doesn't wait for perfection in us (it would be a long wait!), but instead, uses us where we are.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  4. I love your thoughts on these imperfect, but used of God, women. I'm looking forward to this series!


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