October 7, 2013


Today's guest post is from Eimile who blogs over at Reflect. I love Eimile's heart for seeking the beauty of the gospel and Christ in everything. And like all of my favorite people, she enjoys curling up with a steamy mug of coffee. So brew a pot and go "stay a while" at her blog. I promise you will leave encouraged by her words and wisdom! 

I kind of have mixed emotions towards Eve. I think it would be really cool to meet her. I mean, she was literally hand-crafted by God. She must have been incredibly beautiful. And probably pretty smart too. 

But on the other hand, I’m a little annoyed at Eve.  I mean, I can’t help but think that it’s kind of her fault that this whole “Fall of Man” thing happened. 

It’s pretty easy for me to point fingers. Oh, that Eve, getting all of humanity in to trouble. But honestly, isn’t there a little bit of Eve in every one of us? Don’t I see the heart of Eve in myself? Because the truth is that we all have a tendency toward rebellion. 

Yet, despite my rebellion, despite Eve’s rebellion, the hand of God was and is at work. I am so thankful for the grace and mercy of God. Because He had a plan to redeem Eve – He made her the mother of all humanity. And through her, a child was born that would redeem not only the sin of Eve, but of all mankind. 

And that redemption is mine too. 
The rebellion of my heart has already been forgiven in Christ. 
And I am being made new
I am being made beautiful in the image of Christ, 
And I am being brought into unity with God once again. 

And when you think about it, the story of Eve isn’t about Eve at all. It’s about God and His plan for a glorious redemption in the heart of every person.   


  1. This is great! I too often used to blame Eve, but have recently seen how hypocritical I was being in light of my own rebellious heart. Even though we were beautifully crafted in the Image of God, we tend to attempt to take matters in our hands instead of letting God unfold His perfect plan, because frankly, deep down, we are often in the "spiritual" terrible twos or the my-parents-don't-get-it!- teenage years when it comes to our faith. I look forward to checking out Eimile's blog soon!

  2. Loved how you tie it all back to Jesus Eimile! =)

  3. These words are so healing and true, something I really needed to read today. God makes beauty out of brokenness, as we're brought nearer to Him.

  4. I think that Eve does get a bad wrap since she was created AFTER God gave the command to Adam about the tree. While this doesn't completely exonerate Eve since she obviously knew about the tree, I believe on this fact alone, grace is required here.

    As always Eimile, beautiful job.

  5. Oh so good, Eimile. I'm so thankful for the Gospel-resurrection story that is weaving through every moment of Scripture--and importantly, even before the every beginning. Thank you for the reminder that I am Eve's descendant--deserving of the same wrath. But because of God's plan for his Son, I'm a recipient of the same lavish grace.


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