September 19, 2013

Real Men Don't Text (Book Review)

I found it somewhat ironic that hours after publishing a post on not reading Christian dating/courtship books, I got sent one to review in the mail. But in all honesty, I wanted to read this one because it's Ruthie Dean's first book, and well, I've been falling in love with her blog all summer long.

Real Men Don't Text is an eye-catching title to say the least, especially since I'm single, in my early twenties, and seemingly more and more of my interactions with the male population are done so via online. That's expected living in the digital age, right? Er... well, yes and no. The authors put it simply: "Digital communication should lead to face-to-face communication." Always.

Now I will say, if you've read an array of Christin relationship books, I'm not going to lie, there's a lot of repeated advice other authors and leaders have shared. Where this book in particular stands out is it's focus on how technology has affected how people date. Probably the most compelling question the authors present is "Are we using technology as a crutch in beginning relationships simply because it's easiest? ...because truth be told social media commitments are easier to keep then taking care of your dog" (paraphrase). I echo the authors sentiment that while technology has got some great benefits, in relationships it can be all to easy to not be serious, to be lazy... which is a disservice to one another. So the challenge is for men to step up to the plate and date with intentions and confidence, and for ladies to wait on that kind of man... to stop texting back to those whom choose to be vague, flippant, and refuse to take you on an actual date.

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  1. very very interesting! It's so true

  2. My goodness! It must be really difficult for singles these days.

  3. Agreed! I don't even like to text people at all (haha) so I am learning to be clear that I won't text for the sake of talking.


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