September 17, 2013

On Blogging: Encouragement and Saying Thanks

I blog for the most part, about my faith and growth in knowing, seeking, and loving Christ. This is the overarching purpose of my blog and other blogs I read loyally. A working out of my sanctification in a way since my personality is one that processes through writing. Set to 'public' here.

It's of far greater benefit to me personally than anyone who reads it though. 

Whatever I write here, will in all likelihood be read by a few, maybe one or two may be genuinely 'touched' by it, but then the words pass into darkness. Most people forget what you write by the end of the day. That's why it can sometimes feel futile to blog... until I remember again that yes, it is of my benefit at the end of the day.

I can't speak volumes to those who blog with the purpose of business, fashion, politics, photography, etc. But I think I can speak a bit to those who like me, use their online living quarters much like I do.

It's not about numbers for me. My concern doesn't lie in getting more views or shares. I feel greatly encouraged and thankful when some of you do those things, but blogging is about a type of grace for me. Or as Mike Leake put it, "a gathering of daily manna."

I've been blessed by many of you in such a subtle way to grow and pursue Christ. To be reminded of how great He is, and how amazing grace is. To hold on to hopes and desires that I'd otherwise rather give up on. Then they're are handful of you who if I could I'd want you to be in my community group. Your friendship and words matter more than you'll probably ever know.

In saying all of this, what I mean to put out there is that regardless of how many people read your blogs, if you encourage just one person in Christ through it, then it's worthwhile. And you should keep putting your words out there as daily manna for others. Subtle nourishment makes a difference (even if you never see what that exactly is with your own eyes).

Just wanted to say thanks for joining me on this little venture this year, and I'm looking forward to blogging and getting to know you, the reader, better in this up coming year! Happy blog-o-versary for Heart Stirrings =)

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  1. you almost always make me think when you blog, and for that i am grateful. i'm glad you're around in your little internet living quarters :)

  2. Thank you for the encouragement. It is hard to keep blogging sometimes when you feel like no one is reading, but I keep slogging along hoping to touch at least one person once in awhile. Your words encourage me and I enjoy reading what you put on paper! Keep it up!

  3. Happy Blogaversary!!! You're a thoughtful and beautiful writer, and I enjoy reading your posts :)

  4. Beautifully said! So much truth to this also. I know. I'm so far behind on reading your blog...bad friend!


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