August 26, 2013


It's been months since I've done any of these little letters. I'm remedying that today.

Dear Autumn, Please come soon, and stay long! I'm so ready for sweater and jean weather, hot cider, and apple everything. 

Dear People Who Buy Baked Goods Scented Candle, Why do you do that? You know, you could actually bake some sweet treats yourself, then your whole house would smell of apple pie goodness and you'd get to eat pie. I feel like you're ripping yourself off here.

Dear Breakfast, I foresee many scones on the horizon for us. They will be good companions with coffee. 

Dear Summer, Again no tan. What gives? I still look just as pasty white as I did back in January.

Dear Chips and Salsa, Who knew I would become such an addict to you lately. It's like my body knows nothing of any other food groups. For reals. But this homemade salsa is so dang healthy and flavorful, that I can think of no good reason not to justify the consumption.

And To Whomever Cares, Personally, I dig stubble on a man, but I'm not into a full out beard. 


  1. Hi Natalie! What a cute letter! I don't have a tan either, how sad. I plan to go to the beach this week though, so I might get a full-on sunburn?

    Wish I lived close enough to have a scone with you. Those are good!

    Happy Monday Natalie,

    1. And I would gladly share scones with you =)

  2. Natalie, I'm so excited for autumn too. My favorite season! Just curious..what's your favorite scone? :)


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