June 14, 2013

Where I've Been & Monthly Favorites {June}

It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside. ~Maud Hart-Lovelace
Stating the obvious: I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks. Mostly because I've been out-of-town with my grandpa's funeral and all that entails. I hadn't been to a funeral in roughly 15 years, so I wasn't aware of how exhausting they can be. I got home late Sunday and have literally only been sleeping and laying around my house feeling tired and achy... and oh, allergies... *awesome.* When I'll actually have time to sit and blog stuff of substance I don't know. I've got a writing project for a friend that I absolutely need to get done by the end of this month because that's my deadline... that I gave to myself. And I have a summer class starting next week. There's a point when you just want to hurry up and finish your degree... and I'm. so. there. people. Enough about my excuses, let's share some favorite things from this month!


My sister Hannah brought back home with her enough tea for probably the next year, including this Ginger Peach Green Tea from Stash. Quick little health lesson: Tea has antioxidants in it, so drink it. This one has added Matcha in it as well, which just means even more antioxidants. You know what also has antioxidants? Blueberries. And oh-ho! It's blueberry season now that it's June. So if you're me, you basically eat all the blueberries on your (very little) bushes before anyone else gets a chance to, or you make breakfast treats: Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake and my recipe for your run of the mill blueberry muffins.

Let's play name that musical: "I feel pretty! Oh so pretty!" Three beauty favorites of mine recently have been bodycology's foaming body wash in the scent blackberry vanilla, manicure colored nail polishes (especially Revlon's in the shade Pale Cashmere), and Maybelline's Color Whisper in Pin Up Peach. These two Etsy shops have some of the prettiest vintage-style jewelry and hair accessories I've seen in a while: Marolsha and dear delilah. And how adorable are these candles (amongst other products) from beefayre?! I'm such a sucker for cute packaging. Very English garden-esque. I approve. 

Now that summer is here this means Psych! marathons. Actually I have Psych! marathons throughout the whole year... but you know, if you've yet to see them, you should do so. Mom and I have been addicts of Nigellissima recently. I wish that woman would adopt me. And here I thought Giada was awesome. We've reached a new and better foodie heaven indeed. Also, I gotta include this sweet-humorous movie we watched for the first time a couple weeks ago: Midnight in Paris.

We won't ever have the "treasure of being fully known" this side of heaven, and that's actually a good thing: Coffee Shop Confessional. Ever get the feeling that your blog is too small? Maybe that's a very good thing as well: Fans Do Not Equal Friends (The Benefit of a Smaller Blog). Oh, and stop waiting for purpose to come to you, as it's already in your possession: How To Live a Life That Matters.

Cannot believe I've yet to share this resource, but Covenant Theological Seminary recently redid their site, so now non-sem students can sign-up (for free) to listen to dozens of their lectures, sermons, etc. I highly recommend giving Jerram Barrs a listen if you don't know where to start. His lectures (and books for that matter) are great.

Lastly, I've had this song on repeat for days by Josh Garrels...


  1. I'm sorry about your Grandpa. Funerals really drain you so I completely understand your need to just be. That tea sounds incredible and I love Josh Carrels...those 2 things make a great combo. :)

  2. 'I Feel Pretty' is from West Side Story!

    I wondered why I had 'seen' you around since I joined your blog; I am so sorry about the death in your family. And Father's Day is tomorrow too. I hope you will find some joy in remembering the good things about your Grandfather.

    Peace in Christ,

    1. Thanks for those kinda and encouraging words Ceil!

  3. I stumbled onto your blog and am I ever glad I did. I will be checking out the movie you suggested and the seminary resources. I love to listen to good content on the web-thank you! I have never watched Psych, but I have heard good things about it, so I will check Netflix for it.

    Hang in there! It will be so worth it to get your degree!

    I am so sorry about the death of your grandfather. As I get older, it seems like we are at the funeral home all the time. Sad.

    BTW-newest follower!

    1. Hey Susan! Thanks for following! I'll be sure to check out your blog soon =) Hope you enjoy the movie too.

  4. that ginger peach tea is totally one of my favorites!

    sorry that you were busy with a funeral. that is no fun. prayers your way, my friend!!

  5. looove the thing about fans vs. friends, and having a smaller blog. i loved that about mine when i was blogging avidly. i kinda lost sight of it a little bit though. and then life got going and i stopped blogging mostly. hahah.

    justin and i really enjoy psych!! i'm just trying to finish my obsession with Lie To Me first, though, before i start being thoroughly entrenched and plow through Psych. ;) i like Bones too....but they have too much gore for me. it gets to my over active imagination after a while. shudder.

    1. It's never too late to pick it back up again...*hint, hint*...

      Psych is THE BEST though. I wouldn't lie about this =D


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