April 17, 2013

Just Some Food for Thought

I just felt like sharing some of my favorite speeches/messages/TED-Talks today. If you have any favorites of your own, I'd love to know, so share them in the comments =)
Susan Cain's: The Power of Introverts: I love how Susan talks about introversion/extroversion as more of a scale than just two boxes, and you get put into one or the other. I'd definitely say I'd lean more on the introversion side of things... but trust me, there are seasons that I want to be a freaking social butterfly. Her thoughts and study on the topic though are great, and I'm hoping I'll get to read her book sooner than later this year.

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?: Ken Robinson is kinda my go-to guy when it comes to education. As an ed student you spend a great deal of your time studying different theorists and philosophies of teaching, while forming your own, and Robinson is one of those who I admire and respect. He argues that creativity is just important as literacy in our teaching, and more often than not, our American school system is structured to... for lack of a better way of putting it... doesn't foster it as they should. We shouldn't be educating people out of their creative capacities, but cultivating them. Highly recommend giving him a listen or reading his books.

Seth Godin: Stop Stealing Dreams: Again, if you're going into education give this a listen. Godin echos much of what Robinson talked about in the previous link.

Rick Wormeli: This guy is awesome. He really gets teachers to think outside of some of the traditions we as teachers and schools have bought in, especially in the areas of grading, assessment, homework, late work, allowing students retakes/redo's, and why we really need to move away from a lot of standards in our school system. Some of what he says is challenging, but I think he's on the right track.

Jake Weidmann: Forging the Future with the Tip of a Pen: Jake is one of the few "master penmen" in the world right now, and in this short clip he shares the beauty of his art, as well as the importance of handwriting itself in a world where words are primarily shared through technology.

Gardening to Make Beauty out of Blight: It's amazing to me how we serve a God who uses a variety of creative avenues and paths to reach out to His children, which is evidenced through this short clip of how one woman came into the inner city to plant community market gardens with the local kids and teens, and in the process gave them renewed hope.

Eric Metaxas: Bonhoffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy and Q&A with John Piper: Metaxas is just in my opinion, what embodies a great speaker. His topics and opinions are extremely interesting, and ones that I could get behind. In the first video, he talks about his latest biography on Bonhoffer's incredible life and how we as Christians can learn so much from him, including a Q&A. Then the second clips is Metaxas Q&A with John Piper, which I thought had some great questions as well, that you don't get in the first clip. Also, while I haven't read it yet (I'm getting to it people, I read Metaxas book on Wilberforce which was good), you're going to want to pick up his latest book for sure. I've had numerous friends read it and they highly recommend it as one of the best books in recent years.

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  1. i love sir ken robinson! and also what susan cain says about introversion, since, you know, total introvert over here.


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