February 13, 2013

A Brief Hiatus

I haven't had a blogger break in FOREVER... and I've felt like I've needed one since last October now. So this is just to say that after Valentines Day I'm going to take a brief break from posting anything here. And by brief I mean a month. Just enough time for me to get the numerous writing projects I have mostly done and in the can for my classes... and to complete the couple dozen posts I've had sitting in draft mode. I'll still be reading your blogs and commenting, and if you're not already, you can keep up with me on Twitter here, which I'll still be active on. Hopefully the next time you hear from me spring will be starting to creep up upon us and maybe even some warmer temperatures, because I don't know about you, but I'm definitely done with being cold! I'd like to pull out my flip-flops soon =D



    ok, I'll try to survive without Heart Stirrings :'(

    in all seriousness, may this break be merry & full of rest!

  2. i will miss your posts!! but i think breaks are necessary and good. i hope its a refreshing one for you!!

  3. Dearest Natalie,

    I'm going to miss you, but I hope and pray that the break will give you the rest you need. In the book, Celebration of Discipline, the author explains how it is not only important for us to fast from food, but fast, at times, from daily life activities such as watching our favorite TV shows or reading the news paper ... etc. I'll be praying that while you take a break this upcoming month from blogging, it will allow you to spend more time with the Lord.

    As for me, the month will give me a chance to catch up on your previous blog posts!--I've been slowly catching up but felt behind because you are such a diligent writer, my dear!

    <3 you,


  4. Darn!! I love your posts Natalie! But I totally understand. I have considered it too, not for any deep or meaningful reason, but just so I can get some stuff done! So, I wish you luck and know that we'll miss your posts! :)

    1. Yeah, this is definitely a break in order to get other things done... nothing to "deep" about it actually =)


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