January 11, 2013

Treating Yourself

Thank you Anna! Loved your little recipe card and tea bags =D

You know why I just dislike the first two months of the year? Because they're my grind months. The months where there are hardly any true breaks... any time for breathing it seems like. Mental and emotional relaxations get put on hold until mid-March. I just have to keep "plowing" as it were. Two things that don't help the situation are...
  • A. The bleak, bland, bitter cold, gray, weather we mid-westerners are "granted." Something about not seeing the sun for nearly 8 weeks does something to the brain. I'm sure of it.
  • B. The fact that my life's season (including my spiritual one... they're one in the same afterall) are just completely dry... I feel like I'm running on total depletedness (I make up words... so sue me) these days (as I hinted at here). It doesn't take much to stress me out these days if I had to be honest. Nor do I recover from it all that quickly either.
This all reminded me of a post Laura wrote on her blog last January on treating ourselves on those "meh/awful" sort of days. Why not apply it to my "meh/worst" months? I tried to come up with some kind of reason as to not do so... but I was unsuccessful. God grants us with good gifts to enjoy and delight in. It won't kill me to make time, space, or a monetary allowance to do so at the end of each week. Maybe this is actually a sort of "goal" for my winter months, but I'm going to try and do two things. The first of which is allot one hour a day in the evening completely to myself to do what I want to do, and try not to worry about everything else that seeks to steal my attention. The second is to treat myself at the end of the week with one "extra" little thing, activity... or as lame as it may be "reward." So girls, I would love it if in the comments you share with me and others what some of your favorite "little treats" are =) Here are some of mine...
  • A new bottle of nail polish (my favorite brand is L'Oreal's Colour Riche, which Target does a pretty good job of putting on sale throughout the year) and an at-home manicure.
  • A Starbucks coffee. Contrary to popular "propaganda" about myself (jk), I don't drink there everyday. It's an indulgence. Either that, or taking the time to make myself some kind of special hot brew drink. A few of you girls have been extra sweet lately in including a couple of teabags with your cards/letters of different teas. Just wanted to let you know that they haven't gone unnoticed or unused for that matter!
  • A hot Lush bath. If you've never heard of Lush, allow me to introduce you to this wonderful company that makes some of the best bath bombs.
  • Purchase a new book and add it to my reading list
  • A girl's best friend: Chocolate
  • Take time out and cook or bake a favorite comfort food/snack/ or meal (For instance... Wala, Wala Dip. Yummy, addictive, and fattening rolled into one.)
  • Actually sit and watch a movie, or a couple of episodes of some TV show that I want to catch up on. (I'm starting to get back into a TV watching phase now that I've "discovered" Hulu.)
  • Build a fort. It's good to be a kid sometimes.
  • Buy a song on iTunes and play for the following week like crazy. 

Your Turn! Share in the comments =)

P.S. I found these cute package ideas that would be fun in sharing some "little treats" with others. Gotta spread the love around!


  1. love all these! do you ever watch once up a time? its on hulu and is a favorite of mine. im like you...i hate the first few wintry months of the year!

    1. I have seen Once Upon a Time... I think I watched the first five episodes, but I haven't caught up on it since =)

  2. the first few months are sooo motivational and focusing it makes me want to crawl in my bed and hide... lately been obseessed with the big bang and reading the hunger games (yes i may be slightly behind everyone with my reading) but add a few candles to the bath mmmmmm best ever! hope you can enjoy and RELAX and rejuvinate during your weekend.

    1. Hope you enjoy the hunger games =) Yes, a hot soak is sometimes a must!

  3. These are all good ideas! I like your one hour idea, will def try that.:)

  4. Thrifting! I never find anything good but it's still fun to look :)
    And window shopping at the mall.

  5. take your bike for a spin!
    Buy your favorite tea and sip it slowly while wearing a bath robe. (bath robe is totally optional)
    Try meeting someone without the use of technology—always fun.
    Turn your phone off for a whole day.
    Do something nice/kind for a stranger.

  6. I feel so honored that you would put a photo of my little card and the tea bags! =) Just reading this post makes me feel as if I'm treating myself. Love your ideas and blog!


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