January 9, 2013

God Doesn't Use Perfect Women

Eve bit into the forbidden fruit that lead to the fracturing of all humanity and creation alike. She didn't trust God, but gave way to a serpent's lie. Sarah acted impatiently and manipulated her husband to sleep with her servant, Hagar, to earn blessing of fruitfulness. She too lacked trust in God, His timing, His plan... and undeniable created great contentiousness in her house with those whom she shared it with. Hagar took her eyes off God and shut them closed in fear, thinking death was going to claim her son's life. Rebekah favored her son Jacob over her other son, Esau, even to the point of aiding Jacob steal an inheritance that wasn't rightfully his own. Leah and Rachel, being sisters, hold what I will call a competition of sorts (in Genesis 29 and 30) between each other in having children. This too had to have fostered resentment and relational feuding. Ruth grew up in a culture with twisted sexual practices, found herself without a husband, poor, and traveling to a land totally foreign to her. Her mother-in-law, Naomi just grew bitter in her circumstances. Esther broke Jewish laws and traditions right and left. There are numerous prostitutes throughout scripture, and then there's the woman at the well, who had more husbands she'd care to admit to. Martha was preoccupied with cleaning and preparing, and yes, though her sister sat at Jesus' feet, when her brother Lazarus died she wouldn't go out to meet Him right away.

I don't know your whole story. Your sins, hurts or wounds, your past, or the deepest levels of your heart. Nor do you know mine. But if there's ever an amount of doubt that God could ever make something beautiful of your story... even if it's a really, really, super messy one, then the lives of all these women I hope will be of some encouragement to you. Not one of them was perfect. In fact many of them were so far from it. But God redeemed each one of them... used them for great things... made beautiful things out of their broken, messy lives. The truth remains true just for me and you to this day. That He takes the ugly things in our lives, and heals, restores, and turns them into wonderful things that were beyond what we could've imagined. Hold on to that promise.
He has made everything beautiful in its time... ~Ecclesiastes 3:11
Messes come before miracles. ~Bianca Jurez in Marked By Love


  1. i needed to hear this today. seriously.

  2. needed this reminder today. thanks dear! :)

  3. so beautiful Natalie. I love these words. They are so encouraging. You always have a way with these stories.

    :) warm regards,

  4. Great post! I am happy that I stumbled on your blog!! I'm looking forward to reading more posts!


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