December 3, 2012

Christmas Snapshots #1

I normally don't do posts that are purely pictures, because photography is not my forte in the least bit, but during this Christmas season I'm sort of backing off on my normal blogging mode... for two reasons. Mainly because I'm trying to get ahead and am in the middle of writing posts for the start of the new year, and secondly, I'm re-evaluating where I want this blog to go in the next year, in terms of layout/format, guest bloggers, series... and taking a blogging break (maybe... because I could use one, but whenever I say that it inevitably doesn't happen longer than a week). So if a few of these "snapshot" and Christmas tag posts pop up more than usual you know why. Here's a little bit of how I've been spending my holiday season thus far =)

Morning reading with coffee, Peanuts style =D

I'm such a sucker for brown paper packages tied up with string. Every year I try to come up with a new way of doing it. And this year it's stars, twine, and Christmas mice (stamp from House-Mouse)

Our family Advent calendar out and ready. (psst... 22 days till Christmas)

Christmas window shopping... I still don't see what all this Elf on the Shelf stuff is about.

And the very boring picture of all my homework/projects/last minute Christmas gift wrapping, etc.  I have to get done by... Friday. Late nights ahead of me and lots of coffee to help keep me awake. A few OCD tendencies I do have are being magnified... hence all the stacks with each of their own to-do lists.


  1. I am seriously impressed by those to-do lists! Wow.

  2. I have the same kraft + gold star wrapping for this year! I love the look!

    Good luck getting all you need to get done by Friday!

  3. i don't get that elf on the shelf stuff either...i've come to the conclusion that it's like the flat stanley project my sister did when she was in elementary school. it sounds kind of neat.

  4. LOVE these pictures:)I want to see more pictures next year darlin! It is so festive and christmasy where you live, love it! and that wrapping, wow! i want to receive a gift from you just for the beautiful wrap job, haha! have a great day! and ps- I LOVE to-do lists too!!

  5. Loved this post!
    I'm also taking a blog "retreat" break to re-figure this whole thing out. The blog changes as I change. I would say it 'evolves' but I don't believe in evolution :P
    "It matures" sounds way better


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