November 29, 2012

Shifting the Modesty Dialogues

What is it about modesty discussions that drive me crazy so much? I find hardly any encouragement when they come up. I dislike them. Really I do. They're all so cliche to me. Phrases that get tossed around such as "Modest is Hottest!" No, "modest is hottest" is just someone trying to make money off of selling T-shirts. And the "hottest" it's ever been in all of Creation was before the fall, when clothes weren't in existence. (Note: I'm not advocating we run around nude, that's just supportive evidence to the sentence... just wanted to clarify that.)


  1. Really great piece on modesty. You're right, its not just about what us guys see but what Christ sees.

    And I couldn't help it, but this made me think of a picture I saw a while ago...and I just wouldn't feel right not sharing it.

  2. Thank you for posting this link, Natalie! I really appreciate this post. :)


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