November 7, 2012

Rest: Filling, Healing, Freedom

I am so excited and honored that Katie from Hope Engaged is posting today! Like, seriously you don't even know how much I love her and her blog. Let me count the ways... She has an incredibly passionate love for Christ, her engagement and wedding stories are just too sweet (not to mention the  gorgeous photographs), her posts sometimes get me tearing up because her love is infectious, she and her husband live on mission which is just flat out cool getting to read all about their adventures, I wish I had her passport (if I ever go traveling she'd be great to have along), and she's just overall AWESOME. I secretly wish that I didn't live so many states away because I'd be calling her nonstop to meet up for coffee and talk about anything and everything. You have no excuse not to be following her blog people! =D 

hello dearest readers! I am so excited to be guest posting today, and to meet each one of you. I do hope we can become friends :)


overflowing, bubbling up, spilling over
raw JOY
palpable peace

YES. I want that.

but it is a stark contrast to the emptiness I often feel. 

days where the enemies arrows are many. 
hope is a distant dream.
and i am a puddle of sobs,

in those places I am empty because I have not entered the sacred space of 

"Rest is one of the most powerful weapons" says Graham Cook

and amen again. 

To be FUELED by the hands of the potter
is to be FULLY alive
and EPICLY infused

but we are not full if we do not rest with the Father. 
REST is the 
FILLING station. 
ABBA is the fuel. 
to forget that, is to forgo life.
REST with the Holy One 
is LIFE with the Holy One

power for the weak
strength for the weary. 

to utterly put on the breaks 
and escape with LIFE itself 
brings perspective. 
and an energy that repeats "you are loved, and you are welcome here in this sacred space" 

the most peaceful people are the most restful people with the Lord. 

lately, i've had a hard time resting. 
being alone with myself can be a haunting experience at times. 
as pain from the past begins to attack my every thought and prayer. 
and I am overcome. 
it is easier to shut it off.
so I avoid rest. 

yet today, as I read this excerpt from the book Jesus Calling, I realized that the place of REST is where we meet head on with our pain. we face the hard, the bad, the ugly. 

Abba says....
"Don't push those unpleasant feelings {of pain, guilt, resentment} down; instead, let them come to the surface where you can deal with them. Ask My Spirit to increase your awareness of resentful feelings. Bring them boldly into the Light of My Presence, so that I can free you from them.

is a place of healing. 
for when we are healed, we are also recharged. 

is a safe place to unload your pain and hand it to the Father. 
the one who says HE will bear the ugliness. 

is where true FREEDOM is cultivated. 

my favorite song right is called Fall Afresh by Jeremy Riddle. 
oh, it moves me. 
this line i love...
ahhh yes,
as we enter the sacred and holy place of REST
with sweet Abba
may our cry be this. 

blow through the caverns of my soul, pour in me to overflow. 

in REST. 

have a wonderful day dear friends. may we rest in the refuge of the almighty, as we pray HIS glory flows in. 
and flows in. 
and flows in. 

love love love, 


  1. Thanks so much for guest posting Katie! =D Really enjoyed it!

  2. This was needed today, a reminder to recharge in His presence.

  3. Oh wow! This is awesome. I, too, have been avoiding rest because Im scared my emotions, fears and all the other rubbish will rise to the surface. But - you're right. It needs to be dealt with, and now is the time. Thank you for posting this!

  4. this is a beautiful post. i love katie and her blog so very much and i am so grateful that i now have foud yours :) happy thursday! xox

  5. katie, your posts always challenge me in the sweetest and gentlest way. i also LOVE the book jesus calling!


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