October 22, 2012


Thus says the Lord: Take care for the sake of your lives, and do not bear a burden on the Sabbath day or bring it in by the gates of Jerusalem. And do not carry a burden out of your houses on the Sabbath or do any work, but keep the Sabbath day holy, as I commanded your fathers. ~Jeremiah 17:21&22
Perhaps you've heard the statistics...
  • Work claims the top spot (alongside money) as the leading cause of stress
  • The majority of the cases doctors are seeing are related to stress and burnout (which is estimated to continue to increase). In 2008, 50 million prescriptions were filled for sleeping pills in order to battle wakefulness. 
  • Americans work roughly 350 more hours than Germans or the Japanese in a given year.
  • In a recent study done by Forbes, women are burning out at younger ages now more than ever.
  • Three-fourths of Americans will experience stress in a given month (77% will experience physical symptoms, whilst 73% will experience psychological symptoms)
  • Stress is linked to a slew of health issues such as heart disease, stroke, depression, sleep deprivation, memory problems, and obesity.
  • 36% of Americans don't use any or all of their vacation days... and for those who do, many take their work with them.
  • Half of workers claim they have a hard time being productive when they are at work, thus loosing hours. 
I could keep going but I won't. I think we get the picture. We're workaholics. We don't know how to rest... and rest well at that. Sabbath was meant to be this awesome gift from God to put the work down, in order to rest, worship, and play, but so many of us don't view it as such. We'd rather grip time in our hands, seeking to control and squeeze it death. Our motto is "Go! Go! Go!" Everyone wants to talk about time management these days, but not because they want to finish their work in order to take some time off, to have Sabbath, but rather in order to get more work done. This goes against the very grain of Sabbath, and only abuses this wonderful gift God has given us to steward.
"...rest for the sake of future productivity is at odds with the spirit of Shabbat." ~Lauren F. Winner in Mudhouse Sabbath
"My neglect of the sabbath doesn't just affect me but my entire household, my extended community. The pace we keep has jeopardized our health and happiness, our worship and rhythms. We belong to a culture that can't catch it's breath; rather we refuse to catch our breath." ~Jen Hatmaker in 7: A Mutiny Against Excess
During November, along with some of my blogging friends, we're going to dive in and share on the topic of Sabbath, resting well, thanksgiving, and being still =)

*Stats: Stress & Burnout Statistics, Is Your Job Killing You?, Americans Ridiculously Overworked from Business Insider, and Why Millennial Women are Burning Out at Work by 30.


  1. Love this post, Natalie! This past summer for me was a season of learning how to truly rest, so I appreciate your wisdom on this subject!

  2. Perfect timing! Just what I am trying to learn to do this season! I can't wait to read them all.

  3. Love this! So true that REST is God's sweet gift to us! Thanks for sharing:) Love Katie

  4. Wow...those statistics are crazy. Looking forward to this series on rest!!!

  5. Great timing for me! I'm looking forward to your series in November!

  6. This could not have come at a more perfect time!! Thanks, Natalie!! I'm really looking forward to reading it!

  7. Ah! This is so where i'm at right now! Looking forward to this! x


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