October 16, 2012


Dear Coffee, Some days I just wish I could stick my head in the bag and inhale your heavenly scent all day.

Dear 5 Love Languages, I took your test and I pretty much scored even-keel across the board (i.e. I have no love language that's predominate over another). I can't decide if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but either way I think you were missing a couple of them… like coffee and bookstores, as I firmly believe that's a love language… and sleep. You left out the naps.

Dear Guys, if you want to impress a girl you'll wear pants that actually fit. Not skinny jeans, and definitely not pants that are sagging and showcasing your boxers. Buy a freaking belt dude.

Dear Downton Abbey Season 3, I'm counting down the days *squeal*

Dear People of Facebook and Twitter, could you please take it down a notch on all the politics and cardinal related status/tweets. I'd so appreciate it. Really, I would.

Dear Portfolio and Teacher Program, asdfasdkfjadifuaosdfkjdjhaidfsoadsfak! humpf.... adsklfja...*tears of exhaustion*

Dear Week, When can we end?


  1. I saw a guy today walking (wearing a belt) and he STILL had to hold his pants up when he walked. *SMH* people these days! PS heres a hug for you dear! :)be blessed!

  2. Lol. I should send all my single guy friends to your blog for all the tips that you leave! Priceless!

    I hope you get everything done and get some rest.

  3. Oh, how I remember the portfolio days! Coffee, late nights at the computer, and more coffee. Hope the portfolios go well for you!

  4. *laughing* You've got such a great sense of humor! And agreed on the skinny/baggy pants!! :)

  5. I totally wish I could do that with coffee too. I need a coffee scented candle or something! Ha! I'm counting down the days to Jan too! DOWNTON!!!! ;)

  6. thank you again natalie for being that Light and that girl that they need, thank you. can't wait to share this with my daughter, you know we've been having a rough time. i'm so thankful for your blog.



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