September 20, 2012

The Eternal Covenant of Peace

I just want to say that I love this passage of scripture. I've never had a life a verse, but if I did Isaiah 54 would be one of my top picks. The first time I read it was accidental. I wasn't doing a Bible study, I wasn't sitting in church, a friend didn't point it out to me. I was just flipping through the tissue-esque pages of my Bible when I my eyes caught a hold of it. I had read it dozens and dozens of times since I loved it so much, but I hadn't actually studied or dug deep into it. Or so I thought. When I sat down to my Bible time in August and began the work a funny thing happened: I realized I already had been studying this chapter. God had been teaching it to me in pieces over the course of a few years... I was just oblivious to it. And now I was getting to see many of these pieces come together. I had already studied the book of Ruth, I always am game for talking about God's covenant, life experiences/situations had and were occuring, and Hannah was a woman of the Bible I had been acquainting myself with for nearly a year to name a few [pieces]. Through it I had this incredible feeling that God had spoken to me, Natalie, through His Word. Not just to a group of us gathered together for Bible study, or at church where the pastor is walking our congregation through scripture, but right there on my bedroom floor, with my coffee and the windows open letting cool breezes in, me and Him--whispering to my heart, "See these words? These are for you. Soak them in. Again and again." Call me crazy if you want, but it was an awesome feeling and a reality that I hadn't had in a really long time. Never before had my personal study time felt so rich. I didn't want to put it down... (nor did I since I went right on into the next chapter). THE best part was that at the "end" (because it's not really over with) I saw it all point back to Jesus. The whole chapter was saturated and infused with Him. I felt like I had gotten more of Him. That His love was etched deeper into my heart. 

This has made it daunting to write about all the more though. When you have something that you treasure so much you want to do it justice. For some of you this will be just another series. No different than the rest... and I'm alright with that. Some of you maybe will glean a couple of things or find some encouragement, which is even better, and what I'm praying for. Either way I hope you'll stick around and try and join in (hopefully I won't botch it)... which brings me to this next point...

If you've read any of my series before you know that for the most part that they are thematic in style. I pick a general topic, we (myself and guests) blog about it. I like it because it's a lot easier in terms of time to write and research, but with this new series we're doing it kind of how I did the book of Ruth. We're breaking it down and studying this portion verse by verse over the course of a couple of weeks. On top of that though, at the end of each post, I'll be adding other passages and questions for you to mull and reflect over if you so choose to study alongside with me (needless to say that you'll want your Bible on hand). If you want to leave your thoughts in the comments or in your own blog post, than awesome! I'm eager to read them all =)


  1. yeah, so excited to read more! thanks for putting so much thought and prayer into these posts Natalie...i love reading them! love Katie

  2. I'm really excited to read this series Natalie! I read the passage when you mentioned it a little while ago but haven't really given it a ton of thought since then. Can't wait to hear your thoughts :)

  3. Looking forward to reading more!


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