September 18, 2012

September & October Book Haul

I stand corrected. Apparently in the online world these books posts are technically called "hauls." So here's my "book haul" which will hopefully get me to mid-October.

The first three, all deal with a theme of Sabbath and resting, which is actually going to be a blog series in November since I like that idea better than my previous one.
The last book, I actually just finished: 7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, by Jen Hatmaker. And it's kinda ruined me. I thought I was doing the mutiny against excess pretty darn good as a poor college student on a tight budget (proof being I didn't even purchase the book but was gifted with it). Just so you know I'm totally rearranging my diet, avoiding the likes of Walmart and my beloved Target (pronounced Tar-zhay) as much as I possibly/reasonably can, and yes, I'm building a compost pile out back. I kid not. I used to think green-living was for the weird tree hugger, but I've been convinced otherwise. I might even move beyond my basil growing skill and try my hand at lettuce. Whether or not it actually survives though is a whole other story. I had a legitimate in-depth conversation over raw/organic honey with someone the other day. And if I ever have a family, they will not be living off of fast-food or frozen dinners (90% of the time). All in the name of blessing other and being a better steward for Jesus.

I might even take up the 7 challenge myself... after the holiday season passes. I need my marshmallow covered yams and gingerbread!

Blog readers, you're going to want to get a copy.

And I know many of you are like me and with chilly weather now, you're just as excited as I am about curling up with a book, hot cider in hand, so spill it, and tell me what's sitting on your shelf or nightstand this fall =)


  1. Loved Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Read it right after I got married, and it was so encouraging:) I'll have to check out the others! Love that you are composting! I'm still reading through A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken. SUCH a great book:) have a great day, love Katie

  2. Having a Mary Heart is amazing. I don't exaggerate--God truly used it in my heart & life.
    I hope you enjoy ALL of your books...I have at least 10 still in my library bag to be read. Plus 2 new reads that I *own* on my nightstand. =D

  3. oh my goodness... i tried growing basil and it didnt work out haha. but maybe ill give it another try. and yes, i so do not want to feed my family fast food and frozen dinners (hello cancer, obesity, and adhd.)

  4. WOW, that book really changed you!

    amazing. since you'ver read it.. im going to check it out!!

  5. You are constantly adding books to my to-read list. Unfortunately I'm in a reading funk right now where I don't really want to read anything. So glad that 7 is ruining you, it did the same for me!

  6. Aaaah... I WISH I had a "to read" list for the fall. Unfortunately, I never have a "to read" list because I read them as fast as I list them. :) Although....I guess I should disclaim that I'm talking about fiction writing. I have a REALLY hard time sticking with convictional/inspirational reading! I usually will start one, read it until God really hits me hard with something and I have to stop to implement that new thing into my life...and then never finish the work. I don't feel that bad, though. Sometimes we have to step back and soak into the true depths of what God is teaching before moving on. :) I hopped on over here from Meghan's Just As I Am blog. Saw your comment and blog-hopped over. :)

  7. I have the Weaver and Hatmaker book--I can't do the FOOD one in 7, but I can do something along the lines--I'm doing sugar only 2 days a week--today I had a coke and a piece of pumpkin cake during class:/ so, only one other day this week...hmmm what will it be!

    I need to go read your post on PEACE now..



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