September 7, 2012

Once I Get Beyond College

So I have a few goals I'd like to meet once I graduate from college, and the list goes a little something like this...
  1. Move out of my parents house and get myself an apartment and a job somewhere way east (Connecticut or Virginia) or way west (Colorado) of where I currently am.
  2. Get a Coffee Maker
  3. Get Coffee
  4. Get Creamer
  5. Go to the UK
  6. Get a Dachshund
Whether or not a man gets added into that equation would be the Lord's doing. And he better be a dog guy, because notice I did not write "cat" anywhere in there.

P.S. This is my motto from here on out until said goals are met:

Sometimes projects, papers, and homework feels like a demon fish out to attack you. 


  1. haha, Colorado isn't way west, silly! ;) But coming to the west coast is a good thing. I can attest to that. :)

    I do love that one of your main priorities is a coffee maker/coffee and creamer. Very vital when living on your own! And do be sure its a good coffee pot!
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  2. Haha, great list! And you've got to love Nemo! Just keep swimming . . .


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