September 8, 2012

Not a Fan

...of push ups. Some crazy had this idea to add them to my work-out routine yesterday (and it was absolutely NOT me). All I know is I have zero to none upper body strength, and at four this morning my body felt the punishment while I was trying turn over in my sleep. Yes, I cried. And yes, I may not be able to move the right side of my back... like at all. Or my shoulders. Or my rib cage. I'm sorry back, shoulders, and ribcage! I'll never put you through that again! You're getting your day (or maybe week) off now.

...of shredding cheese, washing dishes, or peeling vegetables. These are the bane of my existence in the world of chores.

...of surprises.They make me super nervous. Unless it's coffee or chocolate… I'm ok with that. 

...of mushrooms. I have issue with eating fungus. Fungus can grow on human feet… and that's exactly where my mind goes to when I see mushrooms, so you can't really blame me for not liking them, because if that's the mental image that came to your mind, you wouldn't be to thrilled about consuming them either. 

...of people's attitude towards the value of places like of Crate and Barrel. "What's so special about stainless steal?" You have so much to learn young grasshopper. "Why are you buying dishes?" Because someday in the future, if I find myself engaged, I can turn and look at my man and say, "Honey, we can register for more stuff at Home Depot if you'd like, since I already bought us silverware!"

…of college students who are constantly complaining about the church. Friend, our generation did not invent authenticity or vulnerability. As another put it: "Like all the Christians who came before us for hundreds of years loved hypocrisy and judgement and nobody before us ever thought of using the New Testament church as a model."

…of thinking knowledge is ultimate, because it's not. The more facts you know about God or greek doesn't necessarily mean you're spiritually mature. Jesus is ultimate. And Paul told us over and over and over again that without love we've got zilch (I'm paraphrasing). I'm not saying doctrine isn't important, because it's super important, but it's not ultimate.

...of people's (mainly guys) oh-so-not funny jokes and jests. Our language contributes to our culture in many ways. Crass language... Grotesque jokes about women and their bodies feeds into a culture of lust and pornography. Jokes made about rape, sex... What you're really saying is that people's pain or their value doesn't matter so long as you gain something out of it. Your words feed into culture. You're not funny. At all. And I'd really like to punch your lights out sometimes.


  1. I am not a fan of any of those either, except mushrooms...and that mental image of fungus quite disturbs me, but I do love sauteed mushrooms...not the raw though, that's just gross.

    I also recently discovered my hate for push-ups. I can't even do a REAL push-up, for lack of upper body strength. I can try to do a push-up on my knees, haha. Still quite difficult!

  2. That last one... my biggest issue with our generation/culture.

  3. push-ups are rough if youre not used to doing them! and why do college students think they know everything? not only about the church, but everything in general!

  4. A big YES to all of these, except the surprises, I quiet like those as long as they are happy ones.:) Pushups suck, but the more you do it, the soreness will go away gradually. Or you can be like me and quit doing them altogether.Then you'll never be sore!:D

  5. Push ups and I are not friends at all! Jillian doesn't do too much of them so I'm okay with her. This list is quite entertaining :)


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