September 3, 2012

Gameplan for Fall

So remember how I said I wasn't big into blog planning? No more friends. With a fuller schedule than I'm used to I have to actually sit and plan what to have posted and when. It's sorta of annoying, but it's the only way to get stuff on the blog rather than putting the whole thing on the back burner. So here's the "game plan" so to speak...

September: My birthday month! YEAH! It's going to be ALL about celebrating me! Not really. I'm one of those people who rolls their eyes when someone expects others to celebrate their birthday for the entire month. But this month it's going to be more lighter weight in content. I could use a break from blogging all together, but seeing as my blog fasts never actually pan out, just expect a lot of random/spur of the moment type stuff. Hope you're cool with that.

October: A "walk-through" of one of my all time favorite passages, Isaiah 54. Going to look at seasons of barrenness vs. fruitfulness, waiting well, God's covenant with His people, our heritage as His children, and more. I love this passage so much because it's just saturated and drenched with Jesus and grace. You'll definitely want to have a Bible on hand and maybe a latte too. I'm in the middle of writing this series, and long-winded I am =)

November: A "walk-through" of Colossians 3:12-17. Focusing on the characteristics Christians are called to put on...  (This series is open to guest bloggers BTW. But more info on that later)...
  • Compassionate Hearts
  • Kindness
  • Humility & Meekness
  • Patience
  • Forgiveness
  • Love
  • Thankful Hearts
P.S. I'll also be contributing over at Darling Companion a couple of times a month now. You can catch all those posts by following their site here, or following me on Twitter/Facebook where I'll keep you posted as to when those go up.

P.P.S. So I'm sitting here and contemplating the upcoming new year for the blog here. Definitely not thinking incredibly hard about it, but it would be cool if you all told me maybe what you'd like to see more of... what you've liked in the past... topics that you'd like to see more of... that kind of thing. And no, I'm not going to do a series on Song of Solomon (since someone gave that suggestion last time I asked). It's an awesome book, but... er... not the sort of thing a single gal can bring a whole lot to.


  1. Wow are well prepared! Can't wait to read about your thoughts on Isaiah 54! In the meantime how about some of your favorite recipes since you always seem to be baking something. :)

  2. Those sound exciting, definitely look forward to reading about Isa 54.

    I think it would be cool if you did something on mentors next year - like what they have recently taught you/some personal benefits you've experienced from having an older woman in your life.

  3. Dang girl, you are so organized! I only plan a couple posts at a time, and can't ever write them beforehand... that's awesome!

    Enjoy your birthday month (yes, you are allowed a break from time to time) and soak in the love of Christ. I'm praying that He may give you more insight into who He is and what He has for you. ♡

  4. Of course, we're cool with lighter stuff. :-) I love to schedule things even though I don't "need" to. It is great to know that I've got posts planned for a two week block without scrambling to come up with new stuff.

    Early birthday wishes, Natalie! I hope you enjoy a wonderful birthday.

  5. I so admire your organization skills! My blog-planning kinda suck compared to you, lol

  6. This looks like a great plan! I'm excited to read the upcoming posts :)

  7. Wow I'm impressed by your planning. Do you use commentaries when you are writing/studying these passages?

    Excited to read when they come out!

  8. I love your gameplan! I am looking forward to what you have in store for the fall. I'm actually thinking maybe I should figure out a plan for my blog for the next few months. I usually just post whatever randomness is on my heart, I wonder what it would be like to put some forethought into it. Thanks for giving me something to think about!

  9. I just have to protest with you a little here. Song of Solomon - it's like the best book ever for single gals! You should count how many times that book talks about waiting for the right time for being together with the one God choosed for us. Very thoughfull I believe. And if nothing else - it gives us something to long and look forward to :)

  10. You are getting busy! I am so happy for you at D.C though, ah-mazing space there, and I would say for this space, I really like what you've been up to here:)

  11. "[Song of Solomon is] an awesome book, but... er... not the sort of thing a single gal can bring a whole lot to." hahahahaha! so true, though.

  12. I am so excited!! Good for you for planning ahead - that's probably something I need to do too!
    As for suggestions about your blog.... I LOVE it as it is, but it would definitely be nice to hear more about you and your life!

  13. I've been planning my posts for the next couple months too! I'm looking forward to following along. We should do a blog switch day sometime! :)


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