September 25, 2012

Blog Posts I Ended Up Trashing That You Won't be Reading Anytime Soon

  • Reasons I Won't Get Married ( Actually... I think I did write something similar to that idea... but I'm too lazy to go back through the archives to try and find it)
  • 5 Reasons I love having Curly Locks +10 Reasons Why I Hate Having Curly Locks.
  • Getting Through Great Expectations Nearly Killed Me.
  • Useless Information That was Taught to Me in School.
  • I Hate Banana Bread, Music from the 60's and 70's, and Whoever Got Rid of Nap Time in Schools.
  • Migraines Suck.
  • The Top 10 Worst Songs to Get Stuck in My Head. 
  • A series entitled What Was I Thinking?! which chronicles every stupid choice and mistake I've made.
  • That One Time a Guy Who Shall Not be Named Tried to Take Away My Coffee.
  • Hello, I'm Natalie, and I'm Totally Clueless When it Comes to Relationships with Guys Personally, but Somehow Manage to Give Some Smart Advice to Other People.
  • Sometimes Being a Woman Sucks. Case in Point: Waxing. (I didn't think this one would go over well with my more conservative readers. To many bodily functions would've been mentioned.)
  • How Determine if an Oreo is Kosher.
  • Who Told You Women Fight Fair?


  1. Oh goodness. Love these. Every single one of them.

  2. oh my GOSH i like those titles. cracked me up...hehe....

  3. How to determine if an Oreo is kosher?

    OH. My. GOSH. hahahahah

  4. I would've *loved* to see some of these! LOLOL Just the titles have me busting a gut!

  5. You've got some interesting titles here, Natalie - especially love that third one. Makes me smile - that is exactly how I'd feel! LOL!

  6. hahah natlie, can you please revive these... i hope they're sitting in as DRAFTS and they weren't really trashed.

    you're great!

  7. haha some of these sound absolutely fantastic! but seriously? great expectations? probably one of the worst books i've ever had to read. oy vey. the only upside is that now i catch ms. havasham references - of which there are a lot more than i would have ever thought...

  8. Haha, your lists are always great, and your list about lists? Epic. I would love to read some of these blog posts, I really think you ought to reconsider.

  9. how come?!

    oh I can't wait to read this series you have going on on Covenants oh man.


  10. oh i get it, these were old posts that you went back to delete, these are titles you came up with and posts you thought you MIGHT publish!! Right?! Geez gina!


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