August 15, 2012

The Most Important Question a Person Can Ask When Studying The Bible

What's the most important question a person can ask when studying the Bible? 

I don't think it's the history or the context. I don't think it's in knowing the meaning behind various names of characters. Author and year it was written? Nope. I don't even think it's figuring out how the verses apply to you and I in our everyday lives. While these are great and necessary questions to ask...

THE most important question... THE ultimate question is simply this: How does this point to Jesus?

How does Eden and the fall point to Jesus?
How does Moses leading the Israelites in their great exodus show us Jesus?
How do all the Levitical laws and regulations point to Jesus?
How does the story of a small shepherd boy, turned king direct us towards Jesus? 
How does the love story of Ruth and Boaz or the two lovers in Song of Solomon reveal Jesus to us?
How does the tale of a man marrying a prostitute showcase Jesus? 

The key is Jesus. 

In Jesus all history hinges upon and context is wrapped around. In Jesus we can see His beauty in a name. Gomer is a good example of this. Gomer means complete. The root word (Gamar) means to perfect. While Gomer's unfaithfulness is proof that she is anything but perfect, in Hosea 2:19 we hear, "I will betroth you to me forever. I will betroth you to me in righteousness and in justice, in steadfast love and in mercy." Righteousness, justice, steadfast love, and mercy were the bride price for Gomer, for Israel, and for you and I... found in Jesus. In Christ's death and sacrifice we're made complete... we're being perfected... the bride price is paid in full. Even in something as small as a name, we can find hints leading us to Jesus. And Jesus is always extremely applicable to our lives. 

It all rightly leads to Him. Therefore it's the best question to ask. If you miss Him, you're missing the most important part.


  1. i love this. there are so many hidden treasure sin Gods word that i do not even know the slightest thing about! but they all point to Christ, and learning how they do so is so cool.

  2. Amen! I can't express how much joy this post brought me. After graduating from Bible school I get caught up in all of the intricacies they taught me in hermeneutics. But the purpose is always Jesus! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Such a great reminder Natalie! It is something that is easy to forget when reading. It's all about Jesus!

  4. "If you miss Him, you're missing the most important part."

    I wish people outside of the church would see this. It's all about Him, not about what Christians do or don't do.

  5. you never cease to amaze me with the prose you is so encouraging and inspiring! thanks for sharing this...and YES it's all about Him! love Katie

  6. My pastor once said that the way to best understand the Old Testament is to look for how it ALL points to Jesus. Your words in this post are so right...everything points back to Him.

  7. Yes! so true. I love that Ah-ha moment when you realize an obscure Old Testament verse has Jesus written all over it.

    Great post Natalie :)

  8. this is ON POINT. you're so right. when you read the Word with this question ALWAYS in mind, it all makes sense!!! I love it and it makes reading my Bible so exciting

    thanks for this awesome post!

  9. That's a good question! Everything needs to point back to Him. And I love that verse you gave in Hosea, its so beautiful.
    Emily at Amazing Grapes

  10. Every time I read your posts I want to shout "amen and amen!" You have such wisdom! This is dead on. Beautiful. This really encouraged my heart today!

  11. I could not agree more, HE IS THE BLUEPRINT! If you see me you see the Father says Jesus! My pastor, Greg Boyd is sooo good and awesome about this kind of thing, his book Is God To Blame is the perfect example, you have got to read that book Nat!!!


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