August 31, 2012

Stuff I'm Liking

#1. The awesome book (7: An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess) Bloom is going through. Arrived in the mail just last week and looking forward to getting around to reading it =)

#2. Coffee Reads: Quit the Sweatshop, 7 Secrets for Making Real Life Friends Online, Trusting God is Not Easy, and How to Treat a Burn When it's Relational.

#3. This awesome series our church walked through the past three weeks: Waiting on God (Habakkuk)

#4. Autumn treats I'm hoping I'll get around to making: Autumn Brittle and Apple Sugar Candy.

#6. Speaking of books, these are especially for you tall people.

#7. For when I start feeling crafty again: Houses by Night and Old Bookspine Bookmarks

#8. These two adorable photo shoots: Apple Picking and The Giving Tree

#9. 2 Blogs I'm Loving: Jen Hatmaker and  Justin Buzzard's Blog

#10. Music on replay: NEEDTOBREATH, Jonathan Clay, and Humming House.


  1. Great post, Natalie.

    Those fall treats sound tasty - I. WANT. FALL. :-D

    Aww! Both of those photo shoots are charming.

  2. mmm that autumn brittle looks fabulous and decently healthy! yay for fall treats :D

  3. Natalie, you honor me. To include something I wrote and want to share it with your tribe ... and I enjoyed reading through your other suggestions!

  4. 7 is such a good book! I know you are going to love all of it!!!!

  5. My husband and I are planning on reading 7!!!

  6. I really like 7 too! I finished it last week. I'm looking forward to checking out some of the links you've posted.


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