August 29, 2012

I'm Not Beth Moore (And Other Misconceptions)

Sometime with blogging you grow. You grow numerically. You get more followers... and you didn't purposely seek them out really. You get comments, you get messages, and you get long e-mails from time to time. That's pretty cool. And I love that.

But sometimes it freaks me out.

I get self-conscience.

And sometimes I feel like I have to preform to a certain standard as a blogger.

So I want to clear the air as well as any misconceptions that you might have about me from following my blog, Facebook, or Twitter.

#1. I am not Beth Moore. I haven't read the Bible in it's entirety (Leviticus is really hard to get through people). I don't claim to have everything figured out when it comes to theology. In fact, I'm probably not as wise as you think I am. If I say anything wise or worthwhile here it's God's doing. I'm an idiot without Him. Really, I am. (And I'm not saying that to be modest, if you lived with me you'd know.) All I do is share what I'm learning or wrestling through with this journey Christ is taking me on. That's pretty much it. And sometimes it comes off sounding whiny too. My apologies for when it does.

#2. I have my fair share of terrible, crappy days. Days where I am overstressed, overworked, and overly anxious. Then what usually happens is I pull myself together long enough to get myself home (because I hate, hate, hate crying in front of people... I think my best friend has only seen me cry maybe two or three times in the 11 years she's known me), bury myself in bed, and bawl like a toddler. Eventually I get out to go find a chocolate stash somewhere in the house and put on sappy Hallmark movies... because everyone knows that they have to end on a cheerful note. So, no, my life isn't a flipping beautiful walk through Central Park. Just stick around long enough or go back through the archives and you'll figure that out. Nor do I have everything in my life together. What I don't "have together" far outweighs what I do "have together." I have my share of major, big-time problems, which are not going to be fixed overnight. I'm a work in progress. So you'll have to excuse me when I don't say or do all the right things all the time.

#3. My mother did not really sign me up for online dating. I know some of you totally missed the whole joke in that post, which isn't your fault... most of the people around me don't think I'm funny. At. All. But, there's no need to go off the deep end in your concern for me either. She's waiting until I graduate college before she enters my name onto e-harmony.

(That's another joke right there. In case you missed it.)


#4. I don't eat gourmet dinners every night. I know I make it sound like I do on FB and Twitter but trust me I don't have the time (even though I love to cook and bake when I do). Giada makes it look a lot simpler than it really is. Besides, it would get really redundant if I posted every time I worked out. Nobody cares that I worked up a sweat this morning blasting Train. But people do enjoy talking about tacos and blueberry muffins. Evidence: All the Instagram shots of what my friends ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

#5. I wasn't homeschooled. Why I still get that I don't know. You do know that not every Christian is or was homeschooled right?


  1. you are too cute, and I love your honesty! If we are all honest, we're all pretty much in the same boat! have a GREAT day girl, love Katie

  2. You weren't homeschooled? I thought for sure you said so in a post! Bahahaha

    And yeah, this list pretty much sums my life as well. Except that I don't bawl like a toddler. Actually I have more days anticipating crappy days than actual crappy days. But they still happen often, cause I'm an idiot without Him as well.

  3. Haha, I love the title and this complete post!

    The not homeschooled one cracks me up. Around people don't assume all Christians were homeschooled but rather, people that look homely . . . so I'd never mistake you for being homeschooled. :)

  4. That was great. Although #3 would have made a great story one day down the road - like a new age arranged marriage.

    #5 is probably because you are creative, smart and a chef - public school isn't exactly known for helping these traits flourish.

  5. Is someone misunderstanding you sweetie?

    I love how you look life in the face and tell it like it is, I so admire that in you.

  6. your post made me chuckle. keep up the great posts dear! hugs for you today!

  7. Love this post! I think you're quite funny :) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ahh gosh. People making you feel the pressure?

    I think you're fantastic, but the best thing about you in that you're real! This post proves that too!

    And lol at homeschooling! ;) x

  9. basically, i just love all of this. especially nos. 3 & 5.

    i think a lot of times i have to remember that instead of performing to anyone's standard as a blogger, i just have to work with what i've been given and with what strength and love and grace He enables me. because that's what He's called me to do. i can definitely identify with number one. i was telling a friend of mine that i get a lot of comments on my posts about how it's "so good" and "so true" and "so well-written," and i was like, "i just want to tell people that all i did was think for like two seconds!" i'm not saying anything He hasn't already, and neither are you; we're just thinking about it, growing from it, and doing our best to live it.


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