August 2, 2012

Depression, Crafts, Books, Notes to Self... Etc.

I have to say that this summer has been so freaking hot this year. Abnormally hot. We pretty much spent the majority of the summer well over 100 degrees... now normally, we stick to the 90's and then have awful humidity that doesn't make anybody want to be outside, but this year it's been hotter and dry... which is sorta... new... not really because I used to live in Colorado and that's pretty dry and hot... but usually here, we don't get dry weather... we get humidity. But the reason I'm making this point is because I'm sorely lacking in the sleep department. Our house is made of bricks, and bricks retain heat... and when it doesn't get cooler at night, the bricks just keep retaining all that heat still, and because my room gets the most sunshine during the day, my room is always five degrees hotter than the rest of the house. This is a problem because I also have this issue with sleeping when I'm ridiculously hot. I can't do it. So now I typically only get four or five hours of sleep in a given night. That's not totally ridiculous for college students, but it's not the norm for me. Going from 8 hours of sleep to 5 is terrible. And before I was getting 8 hours of sleep I always dreamed of getting like 10. But that's way too out of my reach now. I think I'm going to just start sleeping in the basement, except there was this ginormous spider I killed the other day down there, and it's pretty much scared me away from going down there... which is unfortunate since our basement is our family room. Take my advice: Don't Google Brown Recluse spider bite. You will have nightmares.

So there's my boring rant about weather, sleep, and spiders. 

The days of summer are closing in on us. Yes, it'll still probably be hot here until October, but in my book, summer is pretty much over and done with when classes start back up again.

In two weeks.

Two very short weeks.

This is where a slight depression starts to decend upon me because...
  • A: I get to go drop off Hannah for her Freshman year of college. And it will be 8 long weeks till I see her again =(
  • B: I am no longer the master of my time to the extent that I'd like to be
  • C: Afternoon classes. I pretty much despise them. I like doing all the necessary things of my day before noon.
  • D: Homework and reading books I can't particularly say I'm excited to be reading (darn you macroeconomics! What does macroeconomics have to do with teaching kids how to write their names and read Frog and Toad?) 
  • E: Feeling like a chicken with it's head cut off for the first couple of weeks trying to adjust to a new schedule. 
That last one may come off sounding dramatic, but it's part of my personality. I'm not on cloud nine or anything when I get my schedule rearranged (especially since I've had the same one going for two years now). Yeah, it's weird. But after the dust settles, I get the hang of things, and spot out a new coffee shop stop I'm pretty content again.

But three happy things this month...

One, I get to crack open a new journal, which makes me happier than you know. I love that feeling.

Two, my August reads... Finish Instruments in The Redeemers Hands and Just Do Something, Growing Together, The Great Divorce, Twenty Someone, Blue Like Jazz, and The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God. 

Three, I finally got around to finishing (90%) this advent calendar that actually my mom was supposed to be making for me, but instead she just ended up handing me the supplies and told me to do it myself... which is why it's taken 6/7 months to finish. So looking forward to winter this year... and I usually don't wish for that.

*Yes, I know these photos aren't that great people. I''m not a photographer, and I never claim that I am.

Insert various notes to self here...
  • You have to go back to using a planner again. You weren't all that productive this summer except reading and crafting. 
  • You still haven't gotten around to buy your textbooks. Go figure.  
  • You may want to start getting back into your regular sleep schedule (i.e. quit reading books till 1 in the morning). 
  • Make sure to stock chocolate chip cookie dough and comfort foods... you're going to need them for that first week, if you want to stay sane.
Happy August. May it be less stressful for you than it will be for me.

And if it is stressful, replay this song and dance to get yourself motivated and a bit happier. I do it all the time.

Hey Hey Hey by Michael Franti & Spearhead on Grooveshark


  1. ahhh that advent calendar looks awesome

    i hope you enjoy blue like jazz if this is your first time :)

    i'm terrified to start school again. it's been 3.5 long years since i've been in a setting. hehe reading your blog stirs up excitement and anxiety (a good kind).

  2. Oh gosh, I know how you're feeling! As ready as I am to get back into a routine of school again, I'm slightly mourning the end of summer. And I couldn't agree more with you about all the general classes we have to take before getting into our major classes! There are a few classes I think are unnecessary for elementary ed. students...I have to take THREE sciences.

    I've gone on long enough. I apologize for using your comment section to go on and on!

  3. Totally agree with the humidity thing - agh, yuck! Love your new journey, it's very pretty. And I don't know what you're talking about, your pictures are great! I also love that advent calender. Wish I were motivated to complete a project like that. Unfortunately I'm one of those people that love the idea of craft but lack the patience to complete it. Good on you, it's beautiful.

  4. I totally know what you mean! As first year university creeps up for me, I'm getting more and more anxious! But I'm also excited! I know it's going to be tons of work, but it is also a new (school) year. You never know what God may have in store for you! May He fill you with peace and joy as you start this new year.

  5. ahhhh.... i love fall weather and its celebrations, but i HATE the fact that it means school is starting up. btw your advent calendar is gorgeous!!


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