August 9, 2012

And Then My Mother Morphed into Mrs. Bennet

"Guess what Natalie! We're signing you up for one of those Christian dating sites! There's got be a guy in Alaska who will have you! We found one site run by pastors who never take you off until they have you married."

I kid you not. Those words came out of my mother's mouth the other day. At first I thought it was a dream... but it wasn't.

Here's what I learned...
  1. My mom is more desperate for me to get hitched than I am... and not gonna lie I thought I was a tad bit desperate... but apparently I'm not. Not enough to her liking.
  2. Apparently I'm going to have to widen my search to Alaska of all places.
  3. I'd rather go the opposite direction and widen my search to the UK. I'd rather live in England.
  4. Maybe I'm not UK material… after all she's assuming that only Alaskan, outdoors men would have me…
  5. I'm a tad bit insulted by that. I'm perfectly capably of being England material! I like tea and Devonshire cream just as much as the next bloke!
  6. She has a point. There are like zero single Christian guys around here. I know. I've looked.
  7. there like an abundance of single Christian men living in Alaska that I'm not aware of?
  8. ...that don't smell like fish? 
  9. My mom is starting to sound an awful lot like Mrs. Bennet (from Pride and Prejudice for all you non-Austen fans out there)
  10. If she's serious about this "joke" I sure hope I'm not still on their site when I'm 80... 'cause that would be pathetic. 
  11. But the look she gave me is that all too familiar serious one
  12. Crap… I don't think she's kidding.
  13. What is the deal with all of the girls going for Mr. Darcy anyway? Hello! Edward Farris!!!


  1. Oh my! This post made me smile and laugh. I'm with you on widening the search to the UK and I would add Austrailia to my list. Ha! And you never know about Alaska...maybe God has a rugged Alaskan for you. That wouldn't be so bad! :)

  2. This made me smile! I've have a tiny obsession with accents from the UK and Ireland. I find myself favoring Mr. Darcy when I watch the movies and Edward when I read the books. Not sure why. Good luck ;)

  3. this made me laugh! and yes my dear, you are most certainly English material... i totally see it :)

  4. Haha, to be honest their accents in the UK drove me crazy after living there. This coming from a girl who used to love the accent.
    How about Canada? Sure we don't have a time set out for tea and biscuits but I'm sure we have plenty of other enticing things . . . I'm sure of it.

  5. This is hilarious, Natalie! And I totally love Edward Farris, too! Perhaps even more than Mr. Darcy... I mean Darcy was so rude for most of the plot, but Edward was always so adorable and sweet. :)

    On another note, remember that singleness is just as worthy as marriage! 1 Corinthians 7:34-35 Don't let your mom or anyone else drive you too crazy! You'll find him in God's perfect timing, I am sure. :)

  6. bahahahaa!
    Listen, God cares just as much as your mom about you getting married... Alaskan or not, hahaha

  7. this is SO funny. mom's think they're SO funny on this topic! my mom has never said anything quite like this, but she does always say "does *so-and-so* have tough standards like you?" and i just kind of glare at her... tough standards. puuulease!

    and i'm just reading pride and prejudice now so i appreciate this reference ;)

  8. All the commenters so far have said this made them laugh, but for my part, I think it's... maybe a little disturbing. Look, Christian culture may define women by marital status, but Christ does not. I think we all need to work on a fully fleshed concept of humanity and relational theory instead of worshiping sexuality and the institution of marriage.

  9. okay, so I'm sure this wasn't that funny for you but you sure gave me a laugh for today! oh my! at least in Alaska you can or polar bear! :)

  10. hahaha! Oh mothers.

    Anytime I mention a new guy who i randomly met at church or something i get that look! Though she's never forced to Alaska!

  11. Hahaha! I love this. Also, I think your mother and my mother would be friends, because my mother also says stuff like this and seems far more desperate for me to get married than I am.

  12. oh my word that's hilarious.

    also, i'm sure there's more in alaska than fishy smelling men. and that part of the country is SUPER gorgeous.

    but i think God's got a good plan for your life and that His timing is everything. maybe the dating site will work out, maybe it won't. but i'm certain you'll find someone amazing someday and then you can stick your tongue out at mom lol :)

  13. ahahah natalie, this CRACKED me up!!! i love it.

    I love how she said Alaska :P

    wait... so did it actually happen ahah

  14. Hahaha, sounds like my mother. She says the same thing every so often... apparently she actually did it once a couple years back and I still get random spam. Oh well. ;)

  15. dangit, i've missed reading your blog!!
    i'm to blame; i never log into my blogger account because google screwed with my email not being about to be logged in at the same time as my google/blogger one. :P oy!!!! inconvenient much?!

    DEFINITELY widen the search to include the UK! heckyeah!


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