July 27, 2012

What Are You Known For?

The other day I was in a Bible study and we were discussing about how Christians look to Non-Christians. One thing that constantly came up was how it seems like Christians are known far more for what they're against than for what they're for. I ended up jotting down a few later that night...
  • I am for everyone experiencing Christ's love.
  • I am for heart transformation and change.
  • I am for showing grace to all.
  • I am for truth prevailing. 
  • I am for humility and compassion.
  • I am for having room to struggle and wrestle. 
  • I am for being respectful and courteous towards those whom I disagree with.
  • I am for enjoying the gifts God gives us, celebrating, and laughing... A LOT!
  • I am for relaxation and living a slower pace in a world that promotes a rat race.
  • I am for sticking with people despite the baggage they bring with them.
  • I am for being honest and genuine, even if that includes times where confusion, anger, depression, bitterness, and questioning abounds. (God can handle everything. Even our moments of despair or when or temper gets the better of us. Case in point: David the Psalmist.)
Here's the kicker though: Can I honestly say that my life exemplifies all of these?  Yes and no. Some I do better than others. There are definitely ones I fail at over and over again. But they are my aim, and by God's grace I hope I get better at them.

Just something to maybe ponder today.

What about you? What do you want others to know you for, and how are you implementing that in your life?


  1. I want to be known for being blameless.

  2. Dearest Natalie,

    I have been away for a while from the "blogsphere" to focus entirely on my summer school, and I am finally done!

    I wish though I could get into a routine where I can be more consistent in writing on my blog just as you do.

    Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comments! I am truly grateful that we got to know each other through other blogs! It's amazing how God works through all the technology, isn't it?

    Your post makes me question what I am known for the most too. I can think of a few positive and also a few negative things. I think it is a constant battle for me to set myself apart from the world.

    Thank you so much for inspiring and encouraging me!

    Hope you are doing well.



  3. Love your thoughts here, and I agree with A --I want to be blameless before our God,

    I also love all the things you wrote, and I have to be aware everyday that my life is a reflection of the God I serve, and stay in communion with Him, because as soon as I'm out of communion with Him, I notice my life starting to get yucky.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Nat!

  4. excellent things to ponder:) and YES it makes my heart break thinking about how so many people are more familiar with what christ followers seem to be AGAINST than FOR. FOR his LOVE and peace and freedom! thank you for sharing what you are FOR, I love this post! love Katie

  5. Great post! This is so true in many of our daily lives - we all want to be known for what we can do "good" and instead often forget to put those traits into practice. I say, you never know how or when you could touch someone. Even just being kind and courteous - a smile, can brighten someone's day.

  6. My pastor mentioned this same exact thing a few weeks ago! It challenged me because I had never stopped to think before that most of the time we are known for what we're against!

    I want to be known for genuinely caring about people and investing in them. I want to be known for my joy in the Lord. I'm grateful that you shared this, Natalie.

  7. This is such a great thing to do. I want others to know me for always showing Christ's love in all situations of life! It can be challenging, but more than rewarding!

  8. love it. reminds me of that casting crowns song "no one knows what we're for, only what we're against, when we judge the wounded..." hmmm... im going to be thinking about this!!

  9. Natalie,

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I really love everything you write and I can really see your heart yearn for God's! Sorry I haven't been dropping by more often - I am subscribed via RSS and have been reading a lot, but have been going through a tough time (as you know) so I've been a bit more silent.

    But I just wanted to drop by and encourage you in your writing - you really have a gift!! I'm sure He will do tons through you, my dear!


  10. I always love how honest you are in your posts. This is really a big one for me to think about too.

  11. This is so timely! I've been thinking about the same things in light of what's been going on in our world and nation these days. It's definitely a challenge to step it up!

  12. I loveeeee this post. I'm definitely going to try doing this myself in my journal. :)


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