June 30, 2012

Stuff I'm Liking

#2. Awesome Sermon Series I'm Listening to This Summer: Prizing the Privilege of Prayer, The Hosea Love Story, and The God We Worship.

#5. I'm obsessed with Basil (it's the one plant I can grow without killing), which means I get to make my favorite summer dish: Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta

#6. New Single from Village Church: Come to Me

#7. Elenown has free music on NoiseTrade!!! (If you love The Civil Wars you'll like this, trust me.)

#8. Check out and join FaithVillage, an awesome new social media site =)

#9. I recently wrote a guest post for sequins and faith on why pursuit is so important for the feminine heart. If you didn't catch it then, read it now: Pursuit: Vertically and Horizontally.

#10. My Pinterest pet peeve? Workout/Thin boards. Here's an awesome article about it: Thinspiration


  1. I adore The Civil Wars, so I'm going to check out Elenown right now! Thanks for sharing these links.

  2. haha, completely with you on the basil plant thing! It's the only thing I can keep growing too

  3. i love the article on thinspiration... i have been wanting to write something about this...hmmm now some ideas are coming :)

  4. Yum! Who doesn't like a frozen lemonade to beat the heat!? :-D

  5. you are so good at this, I love these--thank you, because I know it probably takes some good time;)

  6. 1. i've been making lemonade and chilling it in the fridge every.day. so yummo. i like it less strong, not too lemony.

    2. basil!! is. amazing.

    3. thinspiration boards creep me out.


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