June 21, 2012

In Barren Land

All the straits and difficulties of a wilderness must not put us out of tune for sacred songs; but even then it is our duty and interest to keep up a cheerful communion with God. -Matthew Henry
God's people must enter the wilderness for trial, for self knowledge, for development of graces, for preparation for Canaan. -Unknown
Some people find it surprising that one of my favorite TV shows is Man vs. Wild. If you've never seen the show here's the basic gist: Bear Grylls gets dropped-off in wild regions all around the world (deserts, islands and tropical locations, mountains, woods, jungles, etc.) and he shows you how one could survive in these various situations (which in the past has included sleeping, while dangling off a cliff, eating scorpions and other disgusting creatures, purifying stagnant water, and tons more) It's a how-to guide essentially, but it keeps you on the edge of your seat, and in my opinion the most legit reality show on. But here's the biggest lesson I've learned from watching: At best, I'd last about five minutes in these circumstances. I'm a total wimp. It doesn't help that my idea of camping is staying in a bed and breakfast. It's really best that I remain as close to civilization as possible. I have a huge amount of respect for Grylls and his cameramen, because put in one of these real-life scenarios I wouldn't be able to survive, no matter how much training beforehand. I simply wouldn't be able to mentally and physically bring myself to do some of the things they do. Put me in a desert, I'm going to beg God to be merciful and just go ahead and kill me, I've lived long enough and heaven is so much better anyway! Fortunately for me, it's not likely I'll ever find myself in those hostile environments unless by choice. But, that doesn't mean I can choose to never walk through a spiritual wilderness. Because I have been through one, currently am in one, and probably will have more in my future. Spiritual wildernesses cannot be escaped; they're very much a reality. But I also firmly believe that they serve a great and beautiful purpose for us and God faithfully carries us through them into the promised land.


  1. yes. yes. yes.

    I'm surprised not a lot of people are soaking this series up!! It's so good. I'm currently on my way to Canaan as well.

  2. I love this series, I am in a spiritual dry spell and this is helping me along.


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