June 25, 2012

If You Still Need Some Good Summer Reads...

June has been a total success in terms of reading, because all the books I got through we're awesome, and I'd recommend to anyone...

Pretty excited to start going through this one over my morning coffees this week


  1. I've never heard of any of these so thanks for the list! I have read Breaking free and it's awesome...but what Beth Moore book isn't awesome? Enjoy our morning!

  2. I've had Quitter on my self for months! Thanks for reminding me to read it! haha!

  3. I am with Allison - I've not heard of these. LOL! Summer reads are always fun. :-)

  4. oh boy! you're an inspiration! i felt so good about getting through 4 books in 2 months until i realized i want to read 8 more before the end of summer! ahhhhh!

    love your book recommendations though! once i do complete my goal, i'll amazon these suggestions ;)

  5. I'm reading break free!!! Love Beth Moore so much!


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